How To Win A Taco Bell Wedding

Taco Bell

Growing up, did you dream about getting married at Taco Bell? Well, if you did or find the idea pure genius, there's good news for you: Taco Bell knows how you feel and has finally given you what you want: a Taco Bell wedding. From now until February 26, couples can enter for a chance to be flown to Las Vegas and get married at Taco Bell's Las Vegas Cantina flagship.

To enter the contest, couples must share how Taco Bell has played a part in their love story, which for some couples, is super easy (as you'll see below). This can be done either through a picture or a video clip posted to Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #loveandtacoscontest. The winner will be selected by voters and announced on March 16, 2017. But if you're not in a relationship but want to take part in the festivities? Voters will be entered to win the opportunity to attend the wedding, so you can get in on the fun, too.

The winning couple will receive airfare for six to Las Vegas, a Taco Bell-catered dinner, Taco Bell merchandise (including a garter), professional wedding photography/videography, a room at Planet Hollywood and more. For how to enter and a full list of prizes click here.

If you're questioning how many people will enter, this wouldn't be the first time a wedding revolved around Taco Bell. As one couple, who spent part of their special day at the fast food chain, stated, "Take your wedding pictures somewhere you know and love." Below are some of the best entries so far:


First Comes Tacos, Then Comes Babies

This couple would not have met if it wasn't for Taco Bell. That encounter brought them a baby and now they hope Taco Bell will bring them a wedding, too. Imagine a little baby decked out in Taco Bell gear. Too adorable.


Tacos Are A Girl's Best Friend

This guy knows that getting your girl what she really wants is way better than getting her what she's supposed to want. Flowers and chocolate? No I think you meant tacos.


For The Love Of Tacos

This couple went to the next level and created this video about their love for each other — and Taco Bell. If they don't win I hope Taco Bell at least offers to cater their wedding because they are #goals.


You'll Never Be Taco-less

Long-distance relationships are tough, especially if you're dating someone in the military. One way to stay connected? Taco Bell.


A Secret Taco Love Affair

Taco Bell served as this couples hideaway when they weren't ready to make their relationship public. It's the place where it all started. Plus, the "You're My Forever" sauce is so sweet.


Could They Love Taco Bell More?

The guy has tried every menu item and the woman brought them to a Taco Bell on the beach. This couple lives and breathes Taco Bell and put together a little skit to prove it. I hope one day someone loves me as much as this couple loves Taco Bell.


Hi Will You Marry Me At Taco Bell?

Unfortunately, this contest is only for engaged couples. But if getting married in a Taco Bell is your dream, this guy is looking for someone to enter with.

After the contest, any couple who wants to will be able to walk into Taco Bell's Las Vegas Cantina and order the Wedding Package off the menu. It will ring in at $600 including merchandise, an officiant, the ceremony, and, of course, a Taco 12-Pack for your first newlywed meal. This is a wedding theme I think we can all get behind.