You Can Now Buy Jaffa Cake Gin For The Sweetest Boozy Treat

Masters Of Malt

Having consulted with my hun contacts I've established that gin o'clock has become a bit more flexible of late. In fact, it's super chill. It's basically whenever you want it to be, and lasts for as long as you desire. Assuming your attitude towards such indulgence are tilting towards the lackadaisical, your biscuit intake is also likely to be on the rise. So why not cut out the middle man and fuse gin o'clock with snack time with the new Jaffa Cake gin?

Available from posh booze retailer Masters Of Malt, this special edition of your favourite tipple is everything you asked for and more. According to their website, "Jaffa Cake Gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and Jaffa cakes. Actual Jaffa cakes."

The only issue with many flavoured gins is that they tend to be "gin liqueurs", which don't pack the same punch. What I'm saying is they're not as strong. This Jaffa Cake gin however, is 42 percent proof and is just as risky in terms of potential gin-cidents as your regular spirit.

As with all craft alcohols it's not on the cheap side, coming in a £27.95 but in all fairness, now is really the time to treat yourself.

The purveyors of fine alcohol suggest using it in order to make a stunningly delicious and unique Negroni. Knowing how lethal Negronis can be and that arguments might happen, I think it's important to remember that it's best not to discuss religion or politics when after a few bevs. When it comes to this drink in particular, there's an extra potential argument to avoid, Jaffa Cakes — cake or biscuit? I can feel my blood rising already.