Here's How You Can Stream 'Wonder Woman' — Over & Over Again

Warner Bros,

Wonder Woman is nominated for several 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, including best fight, best hero, and best movie, according to MTV's site. If you miraculously haven't seen this box office smash hit yet, now is the time. But is Wonder Woman streaming anywhere?

Right now, the movie is on HBOgo, so if HBO is part of your cable subscription or you have a separate subscription to HBONow, you're able to stream it there. Wonder Woman is unfortunately not able to rent on Amazon, but you can always digitally buy it on Amazon, where it sits for $9.99. There's also a seven-day free trial with Amazon that includes HBO, so that could be something to take advantage of, too. As far as Netflix and Hulu go, the movie is not yet available on those streaming services.

Find some way to watch it, though, as even those who aren't typically that into superhero movies will find that Wonder Woman is a delightful feminist ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It's got a "certified fresh" 92 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and many critics were quick to praise the film after its release.

Hype is especially renewed for Wonder Woman and its upcoming sequel ahead of June 18's MTV Movie & TV Awards, so it's the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon if you're not already. New photos were released in mid-June from the sequel, Wonder Woman: 1984, and people are losing it. According to Entertainment Weekly, the only solid information about the plot that Warner Bros. has released so far is the logline: “Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah.”

Director Patty Jenkins is behind the sequel yet again, and she definitely proved her directing chops with the first film. Jenkins told Time that Gadot's Wonder Woman was the hero the world needed because the movie shed that masculine, macho vibe that often follows stereotypical notions of superheroes, and instead focused on a different kind of heroism.

"Our fantasy of a hero is that he’s the good guy who is going to shut down the bad guy. That has got to change if we want to deal with the crisis that we’re in," Jenkins told Time. "There is no bad guy. We are all to blame. New kinds of heroics need to be celebrated, like love, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, diplomacy, or we’re not going to get there. No one is coming to save us."

Those heroics will be on display yet again in the sequel. Gadot seems to be just as up to the task of a follow-up film as Jenkins; the actor said in an interview with Collider that she thinks Diana is a special kind of superhero, especially due to the fact that she comes from a world where women's strength is never questioned, and where peace is treasured. "She comes from this world where men and women are equal and it’s not a thing to be a man or to be a woman," Gadot told the site. "She sees, she feels that she can do everything and she will go for it. She’s a peace seeker; she wouldn’t go and look to start a battle or a fight. She would try to solve it in any other different way."

It remains to be seen if Wonder Woman will take home the awards it's nominated for on Monday night, but it's clear that as a sequel approaches, the hype for Diana is nowhere close to over.