Netflix Just Revealed What 'You' Would Be Like Without Joe's Voiceover


One of the interesting aspects about Lifetime's freshman series You was that it allowed viewers to gain access into Joe Goldberg's mind. His narration throughout the season provided an outlet for him to explain his thought process and convince himself that his twisted actions were all in Beck's best interest. But what if that part of the story was taken away? In an attempt to test that concept, Netflix removed Joe's voiceover from You, and the resulting footage is beyond awkward. If you thought this show was creepy before, just wait until you try it with a ton of dead air.

After compiling several different scenes from the series, the streaming service unleashed a video that is sure to haunt your dreams until the end of time. "You without Joe's voiceover is... a lot of awkward silences," the clip caption reads. From there, we observe that cringeworthy scene between Joe and Beck moments after they had just finished having sex for the first time together. Well, actually Joe was really the only person who finished in that scenario, and if you thought it was awkward then, while still being able to hear Joe's internal dialogue, just imagine how mortifying it is when the tension is filled with nothing but silence. Yeah, it's enough to make anyone hide under their covers for weeks on end.

For someone so obsessed with keeping a relationship alive, Joseph... there's a lot of dead air," the captions provided by Netflix continue to read as the clip progresses. "When the only word between a couple all night is 'falafel,' it's probably not meant to be." Cut to that one scene where Joe was in the mood, but gets subtly denied by Beck, who just wants to chill and is too full from her falafel to get on board. Sorry, Joe, but that rejection just got way worse amid all that awkward silence that now exists in the moment.

The final example centers around Joe and Peach, two people who were never able to get along or see eye-to-eye. The caption opens the scene by stating: "Maybe Peach was right all along." From there, Peach and Joe are shown standing next to each other as Peach says, "Beck rarely knows what's best for her." Then the two of them go on to just stare at one another for a really long time (or at least it seems a lot longer than usual due to the lack of any voiceover). Peach then walks away while Joe looks off into the abyss.

Basically, Netflix spends the entire time trolling Joe and while yes, it's super awkward, it's also kind of amazing as well. Turns out, being outside of Joe's head is almost as scary as being inside of it. His narration is actually a key part of the story and without it, all that's left is a bunch of uncomfortable moments and a whole lot of emptiness. Which is probably the point Netflix was trying to make all along.