You Won't Believe How Cheap These 39 Useful AF Products From Amazon Are

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Generally speaking, clichés are clichés for one reason only — because they can be true a lot of the time — and this statement is never more valid than in the case of that old maxim "You get what you pay for." Except, my friends, when it comes to Amazon. When it comes to your favorite online marketplace, it's a veritable cornucopia of gobsmacking bargains, and at the end of the day, you won't believe how cheap these useful AF products from Amazon are.

I'll give you another cliché that relates to the one above, and this one is "buyer beware." Turns out that one's not true either, at least in this case, because these products are all solid buys. A couple of my particular favorites herein include the multi-tool that's under $10 (seriously!), the pair of silicone baking mats for less than $8, and then, my prize pick of this litter, the motivational water bottle. This water bottle lets you customize your ho-hum H20 with delightful fresh flavors of your choice thanks to its infusion chamber, all the while helping you achieve your #hydrationgoals with its handy hour-by-hour, ounce-by-ounce countdown markings on the side that are accompanied by brief pep talks like "You got this!". Don't we all need more of those in our lives?

I just have one last thing to tell you about this list, and it's a cliché that is true, for once: Carpe diem, y'all. Don't wait to buy these bargains.

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