Young Trunks From 'Dragon Ball Z' Was Voiced By A Woman Who Is Basically The Coolest


You already found the character pretty nuanced, given the fact that he had two freakin' selves (present Trunks and future Trunks). But discovering that the American voice actor behind kid Trunks in Dragon Ball Z is both female and incredibly cool is going to blow your mind. I wish I could tell you that this is the crowning glory of Laura Bailey's resume, but, nope, she's a talented voice actor who's played everyone from Lagoona Blue in Monster High to Firestar in Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show. She's also done voice work for video games, like playing Serah in Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 and Jaina Proudmoore in the World of Warcraft game.

Just stop. She just needs to stop. But she doesn't, because as the video shows, she's also adorable and charismatic. At this point, in case you were forming an image of a work-obsessed loner, I'd have to inform you that Bailey's Instagram suggests that she's living her best life. She's making it look easy being a pet owner with the universe's sweetest dog. She could make her millions penning one of those "how to find a fulfilling relationship" type self-help books, because she looks head over heels in love with her husband. Also, she went to the Women's March, suggesting she has time for activism in her busy schedule.

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Her Twitter account suggests she's into "all things geeky" and if, at this point, you're asking where the fun stops, it's now my duty to inform you that she hosts a Dungeons & Dragons show on Geek and Sundry's Twitch channel.

Honestly, how does she find time to walk her cute dog when she's got so much going on? Because the other really great thing about Trunks — sorry, Bailey's — life, is that her D&D show, Critical Role, seems to come with lots of incredible props. For example:

Who are carrying these giant teddy bears into the studio? Does Bailey take them home after the show and use them as a couch?

As if all of this wasn't enough, this woman has got way closer to the real-life equivalent of Harry Potter than any of us non-industry insiders have a chance of doing. So, if you've just graduated and have yet to settle on a career, I wholeheartedly advocate you skipping law school and going into voice work so you can take a selfie in Daniel Radcliffe's parking space:

Everyone likes Trunks, of course. He's a little cocky and he does some growing, which is always fun in terms of narrative. In contrast, Bailey seems unfeasibly grounded and normal for someone who's enjoyed such success in their field of work and also has a really adorable pet.