Urban Outfitters Is Bringing Your Fave '90s Accessory Back

There was a time when everyone had one of those iconic furry monkey keychains in the '90s — they usually came on a coin purse or a messenger bag, and you could stick their thumb in their mouth. Multipurpose, obviously. These monkey keychain sightings are far less frequent nowadays, but you may start seeing them pop up again thanks to the wonderfully nostalgic Kipling x Urban Outfitters summer 2017 collection, which dropped on July 17.

The sporty throwback line includes four old-school styles: a backpack, a sling-back bag, a duffel bag, and a fanny pack (aka a waist pack or a belt bag, in modern-day terminology). And every piece in the collection has that familiar Kipling aesthetic to it: oversized silver zippers, the star logo, and of course, Sven the monkey. Yes, he even has a name.

Sven Keychain, $10, Kipling

The limited-edition collection is available to shop right now at more than 200 Urban Outfitters stores and online. Everything goes for $59 to $119, and each style comes in four of the classic Kipling colorways, including yellow, white, blue, and black.

Who knows — with these four '90s-inspired bags to give your wardrobe a little #TBT action, furry monkeys may once again be considered the ultimate statement handbag accessory.

1. Kipling For UO Keeper Backpack

Kipling For UO Keeper Backpack, $89, Urban Outfitters

This carry-all is pretty much guaranteed to gain you some bag admirers.

2. Kipling For UO Belt Bag

Kipling For UO Belt Bag, $59, Urban Outfitters

Don't let the size fool you — you can fit so many items into these mom-approved lifesavers.

3. Kipling For UO Shadow Sling Bag

Kipling For UO Shadow Sling Bag, $89, Urban Outfitters

This bag might've made you the trendiest kid in elementary school.

4. Kipling For UO Tag Along Duffel Bag

Kipling For UO Tag Along Duffel Bag, $119, Urban Outfitters

Even if you're going to a trendy new boutique fitness spot, this serves as the ultimate throwback gym bag.