The Perfect '90s Backpack For Your Zodiac Sign

by Megan Grant

The '90s were all about self-expression and personality, from your clothes to your hair to even your backpack. What was the perfect '90s backpack for your zodiac sign, since your date of birth is believed to so largely influence who you are? I was a very no-nonsense, dedicated little bookworm, and my backpack reflected that; but I'm also a Gemini, which meant that I changed my mind five minutes later.

I clearly remember the variety of bags I saw from my classmates, all reflective of their personal senses of style. Some people carried teddy bear backpacks, even though they offered absolutely zero space. (Seriously, where did you put all your milky pens and Lisa Frank folders?) Other people carried blue jean backpacks, decorated with an assortment of pins and patches. The real rebels didn't carry anything at all — just a notebook and a pencil, and maybe a folder. Maybe.

The '90s have made a recent return to fashion and accessorizing, and you'll probably be able to find some of these backpacks today. I know that I personally wouldn't mind running around town with numbers one and two, and even number six — but alas, I'll probably always revert back to my dual-personality, desperate-for-variety, Gemini ways.

1. Aries: The Fuzzy Bag

Aries, your energetic, daring, spontaneous side is truly coming out here. Why would you want a regular, boring backpack when you could carry this ball of fur?

2. Sagittarius: Bubble Backpack

You're quite jovial with a great sense of humor, Sagittarius. It's no surprise that you opt for this bubbly bag of fun.

3. Taurus: D.A.R.E. Bag

You're relentless, Taurus, in the best way possible. Determination has led you to help educate people on drug abuse resistance education — any way you can.

4. Virgo: JanSport

You are practical and modest, Virgo. No need for anything flashy — good ol' JanSport never fails.

5. Aquarius: Clear Backpack

Honesty is the best policy; and because Aquarius prides herself on truthfulness, the transparent vinyl backpack is the way to go.

6. Cancer: The Lisa Frank Bag

You're so full of feelings, Cancer — and what an imagination! Lisa Frank's explosion of colors is the only answer.

7. Gemini: The Purse/Backpack Combo

Purse or backpack? Purse or backpack? Gemini's two sides can't agree, so they go with both.

8. Scorpio: Denim Overload

Scorpio, you are undeniably passionate and intense. You can't just wear one denim item. You need the backpack to match.

9. Libra: The Mini Backpack

You're a social butterfly, Libra, and you love exploring the outdoors. The mini backpack can conveniently go wherever you go.

10. Capricorn: The Bucket Bag

Disciplined and practical, Capricorn needs more space for their Trapper Keeper, dang it.

11. Leo: A Character Backpack

You're a real character, Leo, and you love being in the spotlight. Carrying around your favorite cartoon or stuffed animal is a surefire approach.

12. Pisces: A Sturdy Rucksack

You're looking to be inspired, Pisces, to be swept off on a getaway. The iconic rucksack is the only appropriate way to prepare for adventure.

Image: Unsplash