Your House Isn't As Clean As It Could Be If You're Not Using These 43 Genius Inventions On Amazon


Is there anything better than stepping inside of your newly cleaned house or apartment? Actually, yes: the knowledge that every corner and crevice of your house is truly clean. And you know what? I'm just gonna say it: your house isn't as clean as it could be if you're not using these 44 genius inventions on Amazon.

Because, let's face it. It's easy and tempting to cut corners and sort of clean a room by running a rag along surfaces and gliding a mop around the floor. And you probably lack the time to spend hours thinking about how to polish your baseboards until they gleam.

But that's the beauty of these practical products that make cleaning a breeze: they don't require a whole lot of effort or hours of your time. These innovative products are designed to easily lift up dirt, kill germs, obliterate bacteria, and polish surfaces until they shine.

You'll find every cleaning need on this list, including a few you probably hadn't thought about. From magic cleaning sponges that lift stubborn stains to a safe cleaner for fruits and vegetables or odor-absorbing charcoal packets for your lingerie drawer, consider this the ultimate cleaning supplies list you need to slay every cleaning job.


This Extendable Baseboard Cleaner So You Never Have To Get On Your Knees

You're not the only one who gets your rooms spotless but constantly forgets to dust the baseboards. This baseboard duster has an extendable handle that stretches up to four feet so that you no longer have to get down on your hands and knees to clean baseboards. You can use this cleaning tool wet or dry — and it has a convenient swivel-head that reaches every angle to make baseboards spotless.


These Eco-Friendly Reusable Towels That Work With Just Water

Dampen this eco-friendly Nano towel in water clean your entire kitchen or bathroom without a single additional cleaning chemical. Designed with scratch-free Nanolon fiber, these reusable cloths effortlessly pick up dust and debris and work on all surfaces — including stainless steel appliances and windows.


An Antibacterial Bath Mat Made With Natural Materials That Never Gets Smelly

This is a truly antibacterial bath mat designed with natural diatomaceous earth, which dries in minutes so that your mat doesn't have a chance to get moldy or mildewy. This anti-slip mat can be washed less often (just wipe it down every few days) and it comes in five colors: blue, pink, mint, grey, and white-grey (shown here).


The Multi-Purpose Sonic Scrubbing Tool That Can Handle Grout And Everything Else

Your hands can only do so much — so let this powerful battery-operated scrubber give every appliance and surface in your home the true sonic treatment. The scrubbing tool oscillates 8,000 times and comes with five interchangeable scrubbing — and cleaning heads and brushes that can handle everything from shower tile grout to stainless steel stovetops. Use it to get around those tough, hard-to-clean edges, like the corners of your tub and around your sink fixtures.


A Revolutionary Spray That Destroys Allergens From Carpets And Furniture

Our home and cars are filled with common allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet dander. And if you suffer from allergies, you already know how much worse you can feel unless you're constantly cleaning the house (and who has time for that?). This anti-allergen spray is a toxin-free solution that destroys allergens from places like carpet, pet beds, and car interiors without staining or destroying those surfaces. One reviewer raves: "I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I had a party and invited a friend who is HIGHLY allergic to both. He was symptom-free the entire evening."


This Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner That Removes Caked-On Food

Cleaning your microwave is the worst, but the task becomes about a million times easier when you have this adorable microwave oven cleaner — which you fill with water and white vinegar before microwaving for 7 minutes. The tool releases a cleansing steam that then makes it a snap to wipe up caked-on food and grease, and Angry Mama can be tossed in the dishwasher for its own quick cleaning.


A Powerful Lint Remover That Attaches To Your Vacuum Cleaner

Even if your vacuum cleaner comes with a zillion attachments, it probably doesn't have anything close to this lint cleaner, which attaches to vacuum hoses and digs out months (and years) worth of dust from areas like dryers and air-conditioning vents. This attachment has a 3.5-foot hose and three suction control settings — and can also help to clean places like underneath your fridge or stove.


An Under-The-Sink Mat That Prevents Messy Spills From Destroying Cabinets

Place this under-the-sink mat in the cabinet directly below your sink to prevent spills from items like soap and leaky pipes from destroying your cabinets. The mat is naturally moisture-wicking, comes in two sizes, and can be cut to fit your cabinet. It's also machine-washable or can be simply wiped clean with a sponge.


The Set Of Grout Cleaner Brushes That Gets In Between Tile

This set of four grout cleaner brushes include different types of tools for different jobs. In addition to a convenient palm-sized grout brush, you'll get smaller tools that really get in between tiles, floors, stovetops, and small spaces. Each brush has tough nylon bristles that safely remove dirt, mold, and mildew without scratching surfaces.


This Quiet-As-A-Mouse Air Purifier That Boasts A Night Light

This air purifier eliminates smoke, allergens, pet dander, dust, and odors from your home without using UV light or ions. It features a low, medium, and high-speed setting and three filters, including activated carbon and HEPA filters that lock in allergens so that they can't escape back into the air. And the purifier is perfect for bedrooms and a healthier sleep environment: it's as quiet as a mouse and even boasts a soothing night light with two brightness settings. One reviewer writes: "I highly recommend this product for anyone who lives in a city. You don't realize how low the quality of air is until you try this product, and it really does make a significant difference. Super impressed."


These Non-Stick Oven Liners That Catch Drips And Spills

Your oven may be a pain to clean, but these oven liners make it a breeze because they catch greasy spills and lock them in place until you easily wipe them off with a damp sponge. These non-stick liners are made of heat-resistant fiberglass, fit most standard ovens (but can be trimmed if necessary), and are dishwasher safe.


A Gel Cleaner That Makes Mold And Mildew Disappear

Attack the grime on bathroom and kitchen surfaces with this powerful mold and mildew cleaner — it's a concentrated gel that doesn't drip down the surfaces of tubs or sinks and makes cleaning these rooms a lot faster and easier. One reviewer put this gel to the ultimate test: "We recently bought an old house that had last been renovated in 2006. In that time the shower did not get much cleaning and had some mold growth, especially around the seals. We tried using bleach and other mold remover products with partial success. After one application of this one, the mold was gone."


This Practical, Pocket-Size Scraping Tool For Sticky Messes

All of those caked-on, sticky, unidentifiable messes on walls, counters, and other surfaces are never going to respond to a paper towel — but this scraper cleaning tool will safely remove them to return your home back to its original state of clean. The scraper won't scratch surfaces, is dishwasher-safe, and doubles as a tool to remove adhesive tape and price tags. Use it to get off things like soap, paint, wax, and food off most surfaces.


The Thick Magic Cleaning Sponge That Can Remove Any Stain

Try these magic cleaning sponges on stubborn stains that won't respond to anything else — you'll be amazed at how quickly they work. Just dampen a sponge and, without the help of a single chemical, they wipe away dirt, grime, and random messes like ink stains or dirt from walls, upholstery, counters, and more. Another pro-tip: use them to clean dirty white sneakers!


An All-Inclusive Floor Cleaning Kit That's Safe For All Floor Types

There are mops — and then there is this mop floor cleaning kit that comes complete with everything you need to get your floors spotless. The mop, four microfiber wet mopping pads, and three refillable bottles will make your floors shine — and you can choose the cleaner you like to use, unlike other models of this type. It's safe for all floors types, from tile to hardwood, and each of its pads can be washed and reused up to 100 times, so you're actually saving money in the long run by investing in this kit.


This Bleach-Free Cleaner For Sinks And Tubs That Uses Baking Soda

Using a formula that contains baking soda, no bleach, and won't scratch surfaces like sinks and tubs, this cream cleaner creates a shiny, spotless finish and leaves behind a fresh lemon scent. One reviewer compares this cleaner to another popular option: "I use it in place of something like Comet. It's not as harsh, but still does the job, and smells much nicer - their Lemon Verbena scent, instead of Comet's bleach-like aroma."


A Vegetable Cleaning Duo That Includes A Brush And Potato Eye Remover

This vegetable brush set includes a sturdy brush that cleans peels and features a potato eye remover on the flip side, as well as a second brush with a handle that's simple to hold and can be hung to dry. Its bristles are made with a combination of tough recycled bristles and plant fiber bristles, making them eco-friendly and ideal for all vegetables and fruits.


The Ultra Flexible Drain Snake That Pulls Up Hair And Gunk From Pipes

Getting the cleanest house possible means going below the surface, literally — to attack all of that hair and gunk that builds up in pipes, of course. This sink snake has a rotating handle and an ultra-flexible body that makes it a cinch to slip it down your drain and pull up months — and years — worth of grossness.


A Smell-Free Silicone Bottle Brush With A Really Long Handle

With a super-long handle that can reach anywhere and soft, silicone bristles that clean without scratching bottles and cups, this bottle brush will deep clean your reusable water bottles, decanters, and vases. Not only is it dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant, but it won't accumulate mold and mildew and start to smell — which your ordinary nylon and sponge brushes might do.


An Air Purifier So Compact You Can Plug It Into An Outlet

If you have a small apartment or home and don't want to take up more valuable floor space — this is the small air purifier you need to remove allergens, fight germs, and make air smell better. The plug-in purifier utilizes UV-C light technology and titanium dioxide to attack germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses.


These Microfiber Cloths That Safely Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

There's nothing like stainless steel appliances — but they're often covered with fingerprints from everyday use. These safe microfiber cloths, which can be used alone or with a special stainless steel cleaner, trap dust, oil, grease, and dirt and are dual-sided. One side cleans and the other side polishes and makes appliances shine.


The Reusable Stainless Steel Scrubber For Pots, Grills & Sinks

Designed from heavy stainless steel, this scrubber removes grime and grease off of pots, pans, oven grills, and sinks — and is resistant to rust, so they'll last a really long time. You can even throw them in the dishwasher when they get too dirty, and reuse them over and over again.


This Dual Cell Phone Sanitizer And Charger That Kills Bacteria & Germs

This two-in-one cell phone sanitizer and charger is the multi-tasking tool you need to keep your phone clean as a whistle and fully charged at all times. Featured on Shark Tank, the sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs found on your phone and has two charging ports that work with all phones. Choose among nine colors like silver and periwinkle. Best of all — this version is wireless.


A Soap Holder That Fits In Your Soap Dish And Makes Soap Last Longer

With a porous design that allows for air to flow in and out, this soap holder lifts soap up from your soap dish and drains water from it — so it'll dry faster and last longer. The dish comes in 10 colors and can be trimmed to fit your soap dish. It'll prevent mold and mildew, too.


This Waterproof Mattress Protector That Shields Against Allergens

In your quest for the cleanest house possible, don't neglect your mattress. The best way to keep your mattress clean and in tip-top shape is by covering it with this mattress protector, which shields against dust, mold, bacteria, and allergens. The waterproof protector is made from 100 percent breathable bamboo, and it won't make noise or shift when you sleep.


An Oversize Microfiber Cloth To Clean Your Screens

All of your touch screen devices are probably filled with fingerprint marks that are really difficult to remove with ordinary paper towels or tissues. Along comes this oversized microfiber cleaning wipe to get the job done quickly and without a single chemical. The wipes are pre-moistened with purified water, and get computer and other device screens clean and polished with one fast wipe.


The Handheld Pet Vacuum That Keeps Hair And Fur Off Your Carpets And Furniture

If you have pets, this handheld vacuum is a must-have. It has a special rubber nozzle that attracts pet hair and dirt from areas like upholstery and stairs. Its dirt cup can easily be emptied, and its 16-foot power cord provides freedom of movement. One reviewer swears: "This. Vacuum. Is. Amazing."


A Plant-Based Veggie And Fruit Cleaner That Removes Pesticides

While you're cleaning your home, don't forget to include something just as important: the foods you eat. This chemical-free, plant-based vegetable and fruit cleaner gets rid of harmful pesticides, wax, and chemicals that can be found on veggies and produce. It has organic lemon and lime extracts and gets food clean using a blend of purified water, plant-derived cleaner, and grapefruit seed extract.


The UV Sanitizing Case That Rids Your Toothbrush Of Germs

While utilizing a UV-C light, this travel toothbrush sanitizer case kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria while providing a convenient way to store your toothbrush. It's suitable for most toothbrush heads thanks to the removable liner, and it's USB-rechargeable so you don't have to worry about changing the batteries.


These Genius Spill Guards For That Gap Between Your Stove And Counter

In many kitchens you'll find a mysterious gap between the stove and counter — and everything from dry pasta to toys can end up falling down that rabbit hole. Prevent this mess from happening in the first place by sliding these stove gap fillers over those spaces. The fillers are made from heat-resistant, washable silicone and come in black, white, or translucent white.


This Trio Of Powerful Cleaning Brushes That Attach To Your Drill

When your bathroom or kitchen is beyond the point of benefitting from sponges and paper towels alone, bring in this ultra-powerful cleaning tool — a set of three cleaning brushes that attach to your power drill to wipe out mildew and mold and deliver a deep, effective clean. The nylon brushes are tough on dirt and grime, but gentle enough that they won't scratch tile, tubs, sinks, and other delicate surfaces.


A Portable Steam Cleaner For Everything From Mattresses To Carpets

The beauty of this handheld steam cleaner is that it gets rid of dirt, mold, and stains without a single chemical agent. The powerful steam comes with nine attachments for every job and is safe for all surfaces — including ceramic tile, waterproof wood floors, mattresses, carpets, and washable wallpaper. One reviewer raves: "My first portable steamer purchase; I cannot believe the quality, value, and how much easier it is to remove things like dog slobber! Just a huge bonus. Makes things in your home ‘new’ again. Love the clothing steamer attachment too!"


The Magical Cleaning Beads For Bottles And Decanters

These stainless steel bottle cleaner beads go where no sponge or paper towel can reach — like all the way to the bottom (and sides) of decanters and deep bottles to rid them of dirt, stains, and residue. Just add these pellets to a bottle or decanter that's filled halfway with water and swish them around for two minutes. After you're finished, rinse the pellets, let them dry, and reuse them again and again.


This Chainmail Cast Iron Pot Cleaner That Won't Scratch Surfaces

Washing your cast iron pot can be tricky — this stainless steel chain mail cast iron cleaner takes the stress out of this situation. You can rub the hygienic cleaner over stuck-on food and grease to loosen and remove debris without scratching or ruining your pot. The dishwasher-safe cleaner is also great for cleaning Pyrex items, stainless steel, and glassware.


These Natural Charcoal Bamboo Deodorizers That Come In Convenient Packets

These little packets are more powerful than they look: they're filled with charcoal bamboo that acts as a natural deodorizer. Toss them in your lingerie drawer, gym bag, laundry basket, pet supply drawer, and any other place where the air is a little musty or stale.


The Stackable, Collapsible Storage Bags For Seasonal Clothing And Linens

Your room isn't truly clean unless it's also orderly, and these foldable storage bags will help. Each flexible bag protects against water damage, dust, and mildew — and can fit a variety of clothing and linens so that you can safely store them for the season. They have secure zippers, a translucent window so you won't have to guess at what's inside, and they're stackable and collapsible.


An Odor-Absorbing Charcoal Fridge Deodorizer For Fresher Food

This adorable refrigerator odor eliminator for your fridge consists of a bamboo charcoal insert that naturally removes moisture to keep food fresh — and an apple-shaped deodorizer with vents on top. The reusable bamboo bag can be used up to two years: Just place it in the sun every so often for about two hours to reactivate it.


This Under-The-Sink Organizer For Cleaning Supplies

This expendable organizer fits under your sink so you can safely store cleaning supplies like cleaners, sponges, and hand towels in an orderly fashion. It expands from 15 to 25 inches and features four adjustable height levels. Snag one in silver or bronze.


A Space-Saving Bag Organizer That Hangs Over Cabinet Doors

Reduce clutter and conserve space in your home with this bag storage organizer that you can simply hang over your cabinet doors. The sturdy steel wire organizer doesn't require assembly or tools for hanging, and it can hold up to 50 plastic bags. It comes in eight colors and is lined with foam to prevent scratches.


The Robot Vacuum That Works On Both Carpet And Hard Floors

Robot vacuums are an amazing concept, especially if you're pressed for time and like to clean your floors every day — but some fall short of being able to address a variety of floor types Not this robot vacuum, which works on both hard floors and low-pile carpets. It has a low profile so it's excellent at picking up dirt and dust under sofas, beds, and chairs. You can also program it to clean on a specific schedule and operate it via remote control.


This Cleaning Brush Set That Removes Gunk From Hard-To-Reach Areas Like Behind Faucets

This cleaning brush duo includes a large brush and a dual-ended small brush with a wiper blade. Use them to clean small, cramped areas that are difficult to access (but get dirty all the same), like shower door tracks, behind faucets, and on and around your stove top.


A Two-In-One Toilet Brush That Rests In A Hygienic Holder

With its curved brush design, this toilet bowl brush is better than most at reaching the icky sides of your bowl that straight brushes can't always access. It has a long, anti-slip handle and features a smaller scrubber under the rim that guarantees every part of your bowl will sparkle. When you're finished cleaning, rinse off the brush and deposit it into the convenient brush holder. The duo comes in red or blue.


These Blind Cleaners That Cut Down Your Dusting Time

If you've ever tried to clean dusty window blinds with a cloth or paper towel, you already know that's a time consuming and ineffective exercise in patience. Cut your dusting time down with these specific window blind cleaners, which comes with five microfiber sleeves that effortlessly capture dust and dirt. The blades of the brush mean you can clean more than one blind at a time, and the colorful cloths can be washed and reused.

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