Your Partner's Most Annoying Personality Trait, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Ashley Batz/Bustle

We often hear that being with someone means accepting their flaws and caring for them despite things about them that might bother you. But let's face it: sometimes, your partner can have some habits that really get under your skin. And that goes beyond chewing with their mouth open or grinding their teeth. Sometimes your partner's most annoying trait is one that's engraved into their personality and part of who they are — and it's something you really have to work on to get through.

"None of us is perfect, and sometimes we find our imperfections create friction with others or we'll meet someone where we don't understand where they're coming from," Kansas City astrologer Cindy Mckean, tells Bustle. "Sometimes it's just as simple as looking at our zodiac sign! It helps us understand where each person is coming from and what makes them tick as well as helps us understand ourselves or see one's own traits that we're blind to. Our little differences and annoyances distinguish us from others and can be endearing to some. There's always a flip side to the annoying traits that's positive that we can see with a slight change of perspective."

If you're wondering what your partner's most annoying habit may be, read on for some insight below.