Your Sex Toy Preference Is Linked To Where You Live & This New Study Has The Proof

by Alice Broster
Vera Lair/Stocksy

Discussions around sexual preferences, including sex toys, has made its way into the mainstream in recent decades. What was once considered taboo is now out in the open, and there is more choice than ever when it comes to toys. But, like most sexy stuff, not everyone is in to the same type of toy. In fact, a survey conducted by dating app Jaumo has revealed that your preference of sex toy may differ by location. Nowadays, there seems to be something for every niche, kink, and desire, but how exactly did each nation differ?

Jaumo's survey asked individuals about their preferred shape, size, cost, and colour of sex toy, and the differences were pretty stark. In a statement sent to Bustle, Jaumo revealed that the most popular toy out there is the vibrator, followed by the dildo. The two toys received 39 percent and 21.8 percent of the overall vote, respectively. Coming in third were anal toys, having gained 17.3 percent of the vote. Massagers came in last, with a lowly 8.2 percent.

While Italian, German, and Mexican participants like their toys to be nude in colour, Brits and French people prefer black toys. The most popular colour, however, was pink, taking 33.6 percent of the vote.

Vera Lair/Stocksy

But, of course, it's not just about colour. When it comes to toys, size matters. It turns out that French, German, Spanish, and Italian people are interested in toys anywhere up to 9.1 inches. However, the majority of respondents said that they prefer a vibrator or dildo around 6 inches in length (which is much closer to the global average size of an erect penis, according to Jaumo's statement).

And the survey dug deeper when it came to appearance. Is it important for sex toys to look realistic? (Well, as realistic as a dildo can look, that is?) Brits, Mexicans, and Italians seem to think so. However, Japanese and German respondents all preferred their sex toys to look "modern."

What about feel? Silicone was overwhelming the most popular choice when it came to material, taking 84.6 percent of the vote. But this is pretty unsurprising, as silicone is toxic-free, easy to clean, and feels quite lifelike. Metal was by far the least favoured choice of material, coming in at 3.6 percent.

Vera Lair/Stocksy

As well as finding out about preferences in look and feel, Jaumo questioned users on the way in which they purchase their sex toys, and how much they are willing to invest in them. Results showed that women prefer to purchase sex toys online to avoid any awkward interactions in stores (not that there needs to be, in my opinion.) Italians said they would spend the most on a sex toy (£43), but the French weren’t too far behind (£38). On average, Brits and Americans are willing to spend around £25, while Australians decided on a £15 price point.

While the study only works on averages, it is pretty interesting to see how preferences differ depending on where people live.