Nabela Noor's New Brand Zeba Has The BEST Size Chart & You Need To See It


Typically, when a YouTuber with a strong background in beauty launches a brand, it's cosmetics. That's not the case with Nabela Noor and her new venture — but the move is all about making people feel beautiful. Nabela Noor's size inclusive brand Zeba has just kicked off with its first product, and while the venture is small at the moment, its size chart makes a big impact.

If you're not familiar with Noor, she's a Bangladeshi-American YouTuber who's got some serious makeup skills, a drive to make the world more inclusive, the ability to be open and honest about her own struggles, and a massive dash of humor. Basically, you'll want her to be your new best friend as soon as you tune into her YouTube channel. Now, Noor is taking all of her talents and launching her lifestyle brand Zeba.

According to its Instagram account, Zeba is more than just a lifestyle and fashion brand. It's described as a "self-love revolution" and a movement. One of the ways, Noor and her brand are revolutionizing the fashion industry is by challenging typical sizing systems for clothing. Zeba's first item is a tee that reads "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful," and while the shirt is ultra-cute, it's the size range and size chart that make Zeba's mission to challenge sizing norms and beauty standards so clear.

Like Noor, Zeba has a commitment to inclusivity, and that's reflected first and foremost in its size range. The new shirts begin at a traditional size XS and go to a 4X. Zeba's sizing options alone work as a challenge to the fashion industry and beauty standards which are often not inclusive of plus bodies, but Noor's brand takes things one step further.

If you go to pick your shirt size, you'll notice that you don't see sizes large or small or 4x. Instead, you see words like powerful, passionate, and loved. Instead of adhering to traditional ways to size clothes, Zeba uses empowering words to describe shoppers' sizes.

In a BUILD series interview, Noor explains, "Zeba does not acknowledge extra-small, small, medium, large, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X. We don't acknowledge that. We want to dismantle that system, and we've invented a new one that is really cool because it's all about empowering and supporting each other and loving our bodies."

Zeba's size chart is a refreshing new take on a typical sizing system, but it's not the only way that the brand is working against beauty norms. Noor has long been a champion of inclusivity and self-love, and with Zeba, she understands that there's work to be done to change the way society sees different bodies. "Inclusivity is not a buzzword," she says in the BUILD interview, "It's go to be an actual thing that we implement into our brand, our community. It takes a lot of education."

Noor is committed to educating the world on why inclusivity matters, and she's doing it through Zeba.

If you want to join Nebela Noor's "self love revolution" and shop Zeba, head to the brand's site now. The shirts are currently up for pre-order. Whether you're brave, powerful, or independent, your size is definitely offered at Zeba.