Zach Gilford Talking About Jesse Plemons Having Kids Will Make ‘Friday Night Lights’ Fans So Happy


If you consider yourself a Friday Night Lights fan who also couldn't get enough of Matt Saracen and Landry Clarke's friendship, keep reading. Did you know Zach Gilford and Jesse Plemons are real-life best friends? They're so close, in fact, even their kids will probably end up being super tight just like their dads. "It’s kind of nuts to think that our babies are going to be so close," the Good Girls star told Us Weekly about Plemons and Kirsten Dunst expecting their first child together. He added, "I guess it’s just kind of the way when you’re around a certain age. It will be exciting."

Gilford has a two-year-old daughter, Zeppelin Adele, with Kiele Sanchez. Even though she's older than Plemons and Dunst's child will be doesn't mean they still can't be good friends; two years isn't that big of a difference. Plus, Gilford is six years older than Plemons, so this is yet another way their kids will follow in the footsteps of their dads.

In November 2017, Gilford talked about being older than Plemons with Us Weekly. "Jesse, who is still one of my best friends, was 17 years old when we started that show and now he’s a man," Gilford said. "It’s kind of crazy, but in the same respect if you think about it it seems like it was just yesterday that we were in Texas filming that show." The This Close actor continued, "In real life he is one of my closest friends, which makes me sound like a loser that I was 23 and my best friend was a 17-year-old, but oh well. But he’s an old soul."

The age difference didn't stop them from forming a strong friendship, because it's been seven years since FNL ended and they're as close as ever. So much so it seems Gilford and Sanchez see Plemons and Dunst quite a bit. "He and Kirsten have already been over," Gilford told Us. "They travel so much. They’re funny. It’s fun to get to know her because I think I said, 'You’re getting married? You’re having a baby? Who is this chick?' But she’s really cool."

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gilford couldn't be happier for the former Fargo co-stars, because as he told Us last November, "I’ve met [Plemons'] fiancée and it’s one of those couples that you feel like they are the best versions of themselves when they are around each other. I feel like a big brother to him."

It's unclear if Gilford will be in their wedding, but, as he told Us he'll "definitely" be there. And speaking of weddings, Plemons even performed at Gilford's 2012 wedding to Sanchez.

"He played guitar and sang when my wife walked down the aisle," he told Us last year. "It was amazing. We had this song that was special between her and I and I texted him and was like, 'Hey, do you think you can do a version of it?’ And he was like, 'I’m honored.' Kiele and I were actually looking at wedding venues in San Francisco when we listened to his voicemail and we both just started crying because it was so beautiful. His soul is a very special one."


It's heartwarming to hear how close Gilford and Plemons are in real life. Matt and Landry had a special friendship and one FNL fans adored. Whether they were hanging out at the Alamo Freeze or Matt was supporting Landry's Christian speed metal band, Crucifictorious, their friendship is an unforgettable one. It seems like both actors felt the same way.

While filming FNL, Plemons liked shooting scenes with Gilford. In March 2007, he told the Chicago Tribune about his favorite moments from the series involved his now BFF. "Any scene with Zach is always fun because it doesn’t seem like we’re acting," he said. "It’s so second nature and it’s so easy, really. Those are always fun. We’ll change things around quite a bit and think of stuff."

In March 2014, there were rumors Plemons might star in Star Wars: Episode VII (he didn't), so VH1 asked Gilford his thoughts. Of course, he praised Plemons' acting abilities. "I think he’s the best actor out of all of us," he admitted. "He's pretty amazing. And I think he deserves to be a huge movie star. I think he’s kind of like the Philip Seymour Hoffman of his generation."

There's no doubt they had quite the rapport on FNL. Their characters' relationship is something Gilford also cherishes. "One of my favorite scenes is from the pilot where I’m throwing footballs through a tire," he previously told Us. "I don’t even know what we were talking about but it was such a cool, iconic scene to me because it was the beginning of their journey."

Matt and Landry's journey certainly didn't end there — and neither did Plemons and Gilford's. To hear they love each other as much as their characters did and their kids will most likely end up being friends is truly beautiful.