Zara Now Lets You Add Custom Embroidery To Your Clothes & Here's How To Do It

Everyone loves a good monogram or custom-stitched name on their clothing. It makes the piece a little more personal, especially in the age of fast fashion. But now one fast fashion brand in particular is here to try to fuse the two worlds together. Zara's new Edited series is customizable, letting you stitch names and phrases across some of the collection's key pieces.

Specifically, you can customize Edited's entire collection, both denim and cotton. You can personalize everything from its oversized denim jackets to its crewneck sweaters to its mom jeans. Each piece can be customized up to 11 characters. You can choose the place you would like your stitched word to appear, but you can't pop it anywhere. Zara offers both front or back stitching, but the product page limits the places where you can have your embroidery. For example, the Edited Denim Vest allows you to stitch your phrase either on the back, right between the shoulder blades, or in the front over the breast pocket.

For those who are indecisive, the "Edit" window of the product page lets you transform your piece of clothing in real-time. As you type your selected word, the phrase automatically appears embroidered on the article of clothing in the window.

You can choose between two fonts — either capitalized letters or italicized lower case letters. There are six font colors available: red, white, orange, light pink, charcoal, and highlighter yellow.

The 28-piece collection is also part of Zara's sustainability efforts. Zara plans to only use sustainable fabrics in all collections by 2025. Specifically, the brand is committed to creating collections by this time that use 100% sustainable cottons and linens and 100% recycled polyester. Zara also plans to have zero landfill waste from its facilities by 2025, as well as have 80% renewable energy in it stores, distribution centers, and headquarters.

The new Zara Edited collection includes items for women, men, and kids. The series is made either from recycled cotton, naturally grown cotton that preserves biodiversity, or cotton grown with water saving processes.

The new customization feature for the Edited collection allows you to personalize your pieces without having to pay major money for being one of a kind. It's all free. If you have always wanted a denim jacket with your name on it, here is your chance to do it.

Customization has become something of a trend this year, with other major brands like Converse joining the movement. Converse allows the shopper to customize any of its shoes, but most notably the Millie Bobby Brown x Converse collaboration put the "Converse By You" feature on the map. Brown chose a series of prints and colors for fans to customize their sneakers with, all of which were in a "California ocean" theme.

In Converse By You, a shopper can choose the material, the color and print of the shoe, the shoe laces used, and the color of the stitching, tongue, and heel. You can even customize the color of the Converse logo and shoe eyelets.

From stitched sweaters and jeans to personalized sneakers, major fast fashion brands are making it easier to have a one of a kind pieces in your closet.