Zendaya Gave Her Mom A Unicorn Hair Dye Job

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Zendaya has some serious skills, beyond being a consummate entertainer with one heck of a voice and a natural beauty with an impeccable sense of style, which allows her to pull off any trend or look she tries with ease and success. Zendaya gave her mom a unicorn hair dye job and the rainbow results look as good as anything you'll see walk out of a pricy salon.

While I don't foresee Zendaya ditching her singing and acting career to crush it as a professional colorist anytime soon, her mom Claire's hair is phenomenal, since Z just has this innate sense of what works.

All of Zendaya's friends (and their moms) would be wise to allow her work her magic on their locks for fun, for special occasions, or for girls' nights.

The singer and actor documented the process on her Twitter account, displaying her mom's long-on-top and glossy pixie, which started off as white blonde and evolved to include streaks of pink, purple, and eventually blue. Z revealed that her mom came back for another round, seeking even more unicorn colors for her hair.

It really is a unicorn 'do and proves that this whimiscal and fantastical beauty trend is timeless and can work for anyone.

Zendaya was understandably proud of her handiwork, posting that she is pretty much a professional who could open a salon. What's that sound? Oh, it's just silence, since no one is arguing the opposite.

The unicorn hair started out with some light color and proved Z's mad skills.

Z's Mom came back for more, upping the intensity and adding more colors from the rainbow. It's totally gorg.

Nice work, Z! This unicorn hair slays! As someone who is super particular about my hair, I would hand my strands over to Zendaya and let her do her thing, without one drop of hesitation because duh. I'd end up with rad uni hair and I'd get to hang out with one of the coolest celebs working today.

"Clients" are already lining up!

Mom's hair is Twitter-approved.