No Unicorns Were Harmed To Create Lime Crime's Hair Dyes

Forget indulging your inner unicorn. Your outer unicorn can now be fully displayed via your follicles. Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair dye collection boasts 13 semi-permanent shades as magical as the mythical, single-horned creature that inspired the range! The shades span the spectrum, from pink to blue to green to orange and they can be mixed for a custom concoction.

Unicorn Hair costs $16 a jar and comes in two formulas. There's Full Coverage, which is super saturated and pigmented, and there's Tint, which is more sheer. Both formulas are ripe for blondes, while the Full Coverage shades work best for dark-haired lovelies.

If you have animal sympathies, you are surely curious about the vegan and cruelty-free status of these hair colors. Are the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dyes vegan?

According to the social media posts on the brand's official channels and per the brand's FAQ on its site and sales platform, yes, Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dyes are both vegan and cruelty-free. No unicorns were harmed in the production process! You can use these hair hues with a guilt-free conscience.

Below is the brand's affirmation of the product's animal-friendly status:

"Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. We are proud to make products that are certified vegan & cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA."

The colors are incredible and shift the unicorn beauty trend from face and makeup products, like Tarte's Spellbound Rainbow Glow highlighter compact or the brand's vegan Magic Wand makeup brushes, to strands.

Hit that FAQ on the product page for details on which shades to mix, which Full Coverage colors work bet as "tints" for dark-haired beauties, how long the hues last, staining questions, and more. Lime Crime really did anticipate all of your questions.

Who wants to be a Dirty Mermaid? Me! Another cool thing about Unicorn Hair? Lime Crime spent three years developing the product and it's meant to last longer —there are tips for how to extend the life of your shade in the hair hue FAQ— and to fade gracefully.

Are you totally shaking and crying over these shades yet? Lime Crime got this Unicorn Hair thing so, so right.

Unicorn Hair is safe to use and won't damage your locks, since it's made with a gentle, deposit-only dye.

This is the purply Pony. What's that sound? Oh, that's just you tapping away furiously on your keyboard after opening a new browser to the Lime Crime site to get yourself some Uni hair.