Zoe Saldana May Have Spilled The Beans About 'Avengers 4'

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Avengers: Infinity War isn't even out yet — the movie hits theaters in May 2018 — but Zoe Saldana may have revealed a secret about Avengers 4. Namely, its title. While on the red carpet promoting Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Saldana told the BBC that the Guardians gang had already filmed their part in the third Avengers movie, but "we all have to back for Gauntlet later this year." The implication here that the movie following Infinity War will include "gauntlet" in its title. Veeeeery interesting.

Sure, you might say, what's in a name? But this past weekend Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Cinema Blend that he couldn't reveal the title of the fourth Avengers, because it includes a spoiler — specifically what happens at the end of Infinity War. So, yes, Saldana unknowingly mentioning the word "gauntlet" as a code word for the next movie is most definitely a spoiler. Whether it's the actual title or not — some have already started the hashtag #InfinityGauntlet as shorthand for the fourth Avengers film — the word is one Marvel Universe fans are familiar with.

If you don't want to know why that is, I suggest you turn back now. You've been warned.

In Infinity War, the big purple baddie Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, is attempting to collect the infinity stones, which, when all together, give off immense power that would help him rule the entire multiverse. This threat is why the ragtag Guardians of the Galaxy team is joining sides with the Avengers to face off against Thanos. But, if there's a battle still to be fought at the end of the movie, it could mean Thanos is actually able to assemble all six Infinity stones. Where does he put these stones, you ask? Well, in his gauntlet.

Yes, gauntlet is the term for Thanos' left glove, which is known as the "Infinity Gauntlet." It's also a six-issue limited comic book series from 1991 that had Thanos, now wielding the power of the six stones — which represent Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power — looking to impress Death, personified in the comics as a woman, by showing the destruction he can do with just a snap of his finger. Safe to say, some of your favorite Marvel characters don't survive, which means a movie based on Gauntlet could get dark. Like, really dark.

It's probably why Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn has already told Yahoo Movies that Saldana "misspoke" and Gauntlet isn't the title. Now this could be a way to throw us all off track or he could be telling the truth. Most Marvel experts think it's the latter, since Thanos wearing the gauntlet isn't really a secret. He actually showed off a gem-less version at the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The thing is, there are actually two gauntlets; the first one showed up in the first Thor movie in Odin's treasure room, filled with what are believed to be fake Inifinity stones.

It makes you wonder if that's the real spoiler, that, at the end of Infinity War, we see someone else wearing that second gauntlet and that person will now have to take on Thanos. It's a question we'll get to mull over for the next year or two. Or, until someone finally announces the real title of Avengers 4.