Chris Pratt Shares A Sweet Connection With Baby Groot

The galaxy we live in is so ready for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a welcome addition to of the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to hit theaters on May 5. Fans are so prepared that every last piece of information about the second part of Star-Lord's saga is exciting. To soothe our desire for more, more, MORE information about the upcoming film, reporters at a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 press conference in Los Angeles on Thursday learned an adorable and welcome tidbit about Chris Pratt's connection with Baby Groot. Get out your tissues, because Pratt shared that the influence of his sweet real-life experience of fatherhood had a hand in his relationship with everybody's favorite baby version of the tree-like humanoid.

Pratt, who plays the goofy but dedicated leader of the Guardians, Peter Quill, shares a now 4-year-old son with his wife of nearly eight years, fellow actor Anna Faris. When asked at the press conference if fatherhood has influenced his character, Pratt admitted that his character's on-screen relationship with the newly reborn Groot was impacted by his real-life relationship with his son, Jack Pratt, who was born August 2012. He said, "I felt that with Baby Groot." I think if Baby Groot were to hear of such an emotional connection, he'd probably say, "I am Groot," but make sure to express it in a way that portrayed being deeply touched by the statement.

Pratt further explained how Baby Groot helped him to reflect a little bit on the responsibilities of parenthood and his relationship with his own father. "The character of Groot, who’s a vulnerable, adorable little guy, when he climbs up on Quill’s lap at the end and asks for the music," he said, "And I’m reflecting on the relationship I had with the man who raised me, it's in that moment." He also spoke about how being a parent doesn't just impact his roles, but all sorts of choices. "I’ve now entered the chapter in my life where I'm raising somebody and have to make choices about how I’m gonna be," Pratt said.

It does totally make sense — there's something about that small little creature that brings out the desire to protect, just like I assume having a child would. It's OK if you're gently sobbing while reading about how fans aren't the only ones deeply wowed by the adorable nature of Baby Groot. If the only words you can muster to express your feelings are, "We are Groot," that's OK too. Don't worry, we are all on the same page here.

Reporting by Anna Klassen.