Sue Gray’s Report Has Inspired The Most Brilliant Meme & Tweets

“Were you silent or silenced, Sue?”

Sue Gray’s Report Has Inspired The Most Brilliant Meme & Tweets
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Following delays and increasing scepticism, the UK has waited with bated breath for the findings of Sue Gray’s investigation into “social events” that took place in Downing Street whilst the country endured strict lockdown restrictions during the pandemic. Now the initial damning findings of Sue Gray’s Party Report have finally been released, people have been tweeting their feelings. (Because what else to do but share memes right now, right?)

As expected, social media has erupted following some new details of 16 events that took place over a dozen dates between May 2020 and April 2021, via the BBC, with 12 of those now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. Per Gray’s report, the senior civil servant determined that there were "failures of leadership and judgement” and slammed the government's “excessive” drinking culture, however also admitted to being "extremely limited in what I can say about those events.”

With that said, some aren’t satisfied with Gray’s report, with some disgruntled commentators deeming the heavily redacted document as “whitewashed.” Naturally, as the fallout from partygate continues, Twitter is now a hotspot for memes and tweets reacting to the now infamous report, including a pretty clever retort from comedian Joe Lycett.

The most anticipated new release of 2022?

Sue Gray’s party invites reach a record low for 2022

*Presses send*

Were you silent or silenced, Sue?

I, for one, wouldn’t like to see it:

Sue Gray, Pantone colour of the year?


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