Serena Smith

Serena Smith is the Deputy Editor at Dazed, and is also a freelance journalist with bylines in publications such as VICE, Refinery29, and British Vogue. She covers a wide range of topics including lifestyle, culture, mental health, social issues, and more. Serena graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class degree in English Literature in 2019 before going on to do a Masters in Renaissance Literature at the University of Cambridge. Since graduating in 2020, Serena has been working as a content writer and freelance journalist. When she’s not writing, Serena enjoys spending her time reading, watching Netflix, and tending to her abundance of houseplants.

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Why Seeing Shannon Singh On 'Love Island' Means So Much To Me

The minute Shannon strode confidently into the villa, a switch was flicked in my brain.

By Serena Smith