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We Haven't Laughed This Hard Since The Before Times

The vice presidential debate had a surprise guest.

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Wednesday night's vice presidential debate had a surprise guest. And unlike the audience, who was separated and masked, the visitor upended conventions with total disregard for COVID-19 safety precautions. During the second hour of verbal jarring between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, a fly landed on Pence's head. Yes, a fly. The cameo appearance quickly captured the Internet's attention, launching a thousand tweets.

It's unclear whether Pence noticed, although viewers certainly did. After just a few minutes, the guest was gone. Below are a roundup of winning tweets, from celebrities, jokesters, and writers alike.

A surprise news breaker

Chance the Rapper chimed in early, time-stamping the historical event.

Rachel Maddow answers the quick question

Journalism, it's a public service.

A seasonal star is born

One viewer reads the room.

Get your Zoom outfits ready.

Viewers note the timing

Moderator Susan Page had asked Pence about systemic racism, when along came the fly.

Author T Kira Madden chimes in with a similar idea.

Jokes abound

Writer Eric Lach notes the fly's short stay, compared to some of Pence's drawn-out answers.

Another writer weighs in with a supernatural angle.

Monica Lewinsky makes a literary jab.

The historical significance doesn't pan out for Pence.

The fly wins fame

And, like any television scandal, a celebrity paramour.

Perhaps Andy Cohen has an opening?

The spotlight is his friend.

Politicians add their two cents

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm pokes fun at Pence's answer on climate change.

And Joe Biden gets the last laugh.

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