Strong Women


Jennifer Hudson On The Advice Her Mom Gave Her To Feel Powerful

"By the time I’m walking out of this room, you’re going to know exactly who I am and what I can do."

By Shea Simmons

IG Activist Blair Imani Has A Hack For Beating Imposter Syndrome

"Don't feel like it's a personal failure that you don't believe in yourself.”

By Michelle Toglia
Quick Question

Kat Hantas’ Best Tip For Breaking Into A Male-Dominated Industry

The founder of tequila company eliminates this word from all of her emails.

By Mia Mercado
Social Justice

Nicole Cardoza Of Anti-Racism Daily Has No Time For Trolls

“Even if you just change one person's mind, it still makes a tangible difference.”

By Jay Polish

Sunny Hostin On The Bold Career Move She Made At 28

"It was a tumultuous time."

By Princess Gabbara
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Filmmaker Dime Davis On Handling Rejection Like A Pro

"If you put your head to the ground and grind it out, you can achieve anything."

By Princess Gabbara
TV & Movies

Why Our Obsession With 'Bring It On' Endures, 20 Years Later

And what our fascination with cheerleading stories says about us.

By Ivana Rihter
TV & Movies

At 28, Paula Pell Couldn't Find Roles For Women Like Her — Now, She's Writing Them

The SNL veteran's new Quibi show, 'Mapleworth Murders,' lets Pell be as weird as she wants.

By Rebecca Patton

The 'Killing Eve' Season 3 Finale Proves Eve & Villanelle Are Not Done With Each Other

By Amanda Whiting

At 28, Tracee Ellis Ross Landed Her Role On 'Girlfriends' & Bought $780 Designer Boots

By Princess Gabbara

'The Great' Star Phoebe Fox Thinks An Eggplant Emoji Is An Accurate Description Of Her Show

By Ivana Rihter

Issa Rae Is Still Getting Used To Being Someone's Boss

By Princess Gabbara