13 Diffusers For Curly Hair That Work With Every Budget
by Summer Arlexis
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Maintaining any style requires patience and skill, but dealing with curly hair is an entirely different ball game. Good hair days aren't hard to come by, yet getting your curls in check isn't always a picnic. A must-have for making your curls pop, the best diffusers for curly girls take your 'do to the next level with minimal effort required.

It's true that caring for curly hair is no joke. All the curl creams, silk pillowcases, and wide tooth combs in the world couldn't make the job any more bearable. So any curl-friendly products that make wash day easier are worth the investment. Air drying post-wash has its pros, but during those no good, terrible mornings, waiting for thousands of strands to dry into a voluminous curl is a no-go. The beauty of a great diffuser is that most models can attach to any blow dryer to speed the styling process along. They're definitely one of those lifesaving curly hair drying tools worth trying at least once.

From a hand-shaped contraption to an all-in-one diffuser-dryer system, there's a worthy option to suit every budget. You'll have to make sure it fits with your favorite dryer first, of course. Then it's onto rocking the curls of your dreams when you make one of these attachments your go-to.

Under $10

1. Revlon Professional Ceramic Universal Finger Diffuser

Ceramic Universal Finger Diffuser, $7, Walgreens

A standard size for most hair dryers, Revlon's Finger Diffuser gives soft airflow to bring out your best curls. Styling fingers lift hair at the root so your 'do has the volume and body you desire. With ceramic technology to ensure your locks dry quickly with a healthy shine, there's no way your curls won't look divine.

2. Conair Volumizing Diffuser Attachment

Volumizing Diffuser Attachment, $10, Target

Pop this baby onto your dryer and you'll be out the door within minutes. Waves and curly styles only get better with its efficient drying abilities.

3. Conair Tourmaline Finger Diffuser

Tourmaline Finger Diffuser, $10, Sally Beauty

Infused with tourmaline, this attachment is your gateway to curls complete with a beautiful sheen. Negative ions help decrease static and frizz as it gently dries your coils. It features an adjustable grip that's sure to fit most dryers snug as a glove.

Under $25

4. BaByliss PRO Nano Titatnium Universal Finger Diffuser

Babyliss Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser, $12, Amazon

ConAir's Nano Titanium Diffuser is available on Amazon's professional beauty portal, so it's salon and expert approved. Its fingers lift hair so far-infrared heat can penetrate your strands faster with less damage. Just be sure to use it on low heat for the best results.

5. Ion Pink Universal Diffuser

Pink Universal Diffuser, $13, Sally Beauty

At an affordable price point, this bright model is worth a shot. It features a heat resistant silicone surface to withstand drying temperatures up to 450 degrees. You'll likely go easy on your curls with cooler temps, but it's reassuring to know this diffuser can handle the heat.

6. The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser, $15, Amazon

Keep your natural texture going strong with this anti-frizz attachment. It collapses flat for easy storage or on-the-go traveling. Its silicone body makes it flexible, giving it the stretch needed to accommodate many dryers.

7. BaBylissPro Rapido Dryer Diffuser

BaByliss Rapdio Dryer Diffuser, $15, Ulta

Say hello to soft, bouncy curls with this professional diffuser. It pairs perfectly with any BaByliss hair dryer to add volume without frizz.

8. Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser, $24, Sephora

A lightweight model that fits all Bio Iconic dryers, as well as most other hot tools, this universal diffuser features 12 air outlets to drastically cut your drying time. Created with natural volcanic mineral to infuse hydration, it's a miracle worker for curly strands.

Under $50

9. GHD Air Diffuser

GHD Air Diffuser, $30, GHD Hair

You'll get even heat distribution with the ghd Air Diffuser. Contoured hard fingers life and separate strands as they dry to voluminous curls. Just keep in mind that it was designed for the ghd Air Hairdryer only.

10. T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser

T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser, $30, Sephora

Tourmaline gemstones are infused into this diffuser to maximize infrared heat output, seal in moisture, and reduce static for frizz-free styling. Managing curly hair has never been easier.

11. DryBar The Bouncer Diffuser

Dry Bar The Bouncer Diffuser, $34, Ulta

Although the Bouncer was created for DryBar's Buttercup and Baby Buttercup dryers, it can fit most other tools, too. It reduces the speed of airflow from your dryer to gently dry curls, add definition, and maximize shine.

12. Bed Head Curlipops Tourmaline Iconic Diffuser Dryer

Curlipops Tourmaline Iconic Diffuser Dryer, $35, Ulta

No need for a separate attachment; This diffuser dryer does it all. Its tourmaline technology ensures your texture remains frizz-free. Simply run diffuser fingers over your scalp, scrunch ends towards the root, and release, being sure not to concentrate airflow on any one area for too long.

Under $75

13. DevaCurl DevaFuser

DevaCurl DevaFuser, $50, Sephora

A handy diffuser (no pun intended!) that offers 360 degree airflow to enhance your texture, the DevaFuser was designed specifically for curly girls, unlike many other models. It features over 50 air vents to target curls and a cold-shot button to lock them into place. Snap it onto your favorite dryer to elevate your curly styling to new heights.

Using a diffuser isn't totally hassle free, if you've never tried it before. But the steps to reaching curltopia are simple. Use your best curl cream and stylers prior, set your dyer setting at a medium to cool temperature, and be sure to scrunch. Fluff your roots, shake it out, and dreamy curls will be yours.