6 '00s Trends That Are Cool Again In 2020

Juicy Couture, Crocs, and more.

It's no secret that the fashion industry has an affinity for nostalgic trends. It's fairly common to see someone wearing flared jeans and suede skirts from the ‘70s, overalls and slip dresses from the ‘90s, shoulder pads from the '80s, and you can't forget babydoll dresses from the ‘60s. The one decade that you thought would never return, however, has come back with reckless abandon: the 2000s. And these are several 2000s trends you'll find all over Tik Tok today.

The early aughts was full of everything from hip huggers to babydoll shirts, wedge sneakers to butterfly clips. Sure, some of those over-the-top accessories have been happily left in the past, including platform flip flops, as '00s It girl and socialite Nicky Hilton recently revealed. But many of the staples of the decade have begun to make their way into the fashion lexicon in 2020.

From Crocs to Juicy Couture sweatsuits, check out the trends from the ‘00s that are hitting it big again — and find out exactly how to shop all of your beloved wardrobe staples from 25 years ago.

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Did you go to sleep away camp in the early aughts? If so, odds are, you had more than one pair of Crocs on hand. Though your wardrobe might have changed since then, the waterproof footwear is back and endorsed by the likes of the Balenciaga fashion house and Justin Bieber.

Juicy Couture Tracksuits

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Sweatsuits took on a new meaning in the early aughts, as the standard gray version was traded in for the decidedly more glamorous terry cloth and velour matching sets. Now, on the 25th anniversary of Juicy Couture, the brand that started it all, velour sweatsuits are seeing another rise in popularity in 2020.

Flip Flops

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Though previously thrown to the wayside in favor of everything from gladiators to slides, flip flops are back, in styles that range from classic rubber to dressed-up leather, flats to heels.


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Add some height without slipping into an uncomfortable heeled shoe by opting for platforms this season. They’re back from your early aughts memories, popping up in footwear that ranges from sneakers to loafers and everything in between.


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The button-front knitwear is back after a break that was, quite honestly, too long—if you ask any true fans of the trend. Whether you layer it over a sweater or button it all the way up and wear it as a top, it’s a trend from decades prior that’s worth a second look.

Low-Rise Jeans

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Denim is always a favorite, but each decade embraces a slightly different silhouette. Today's denim trend du jour is one you might remember from the early 2000s: low-rise.