4 Curly Hair Heroes You Need to Add To Your Styling Routine

Curls don’t always get the TLC they deserve—but when they do, they thrive. And that’s the case whether you’re trying to nail down your wash-day routine or revive second-, third-, or fourth-day hair. Bringing a little strategy to styling and refreshing your curls can make all the difference in a good hair day, since the secret to soft, bouncy spirals is often a matter of layering your products, cocktailing different formulas, or, for mornings heavy on the snooze button, reaching for one all-important essential.

That’s why we teamed up with Not Your Mother’s to guarantee good curls on wash day and for mornings in between. For starters, you’ll find the Curl Talk Curl Activating Mousse here, which is a tried-and-true holy grail for its ability to refresh and define curls in a single step—ideal if you’re crunched for time in the A.M. There are other faves in the mix, too, to guarantee smooth, healthy curls no matter the curl pattern(s) and timeframe you’re working with. Bonus: It also helps your style resist humidity and control frizz. Read on to find everything you need for your curls to live their best life.

If you’ve scrunched mousse into your curls only to be left with crunchy, hard-to-style hair once it sets, you’re not alone. That might be why this do-it-all mousse, which works with all curl types, is such a fave among customers. It reimagines the sticky, not-so-great mousses of years past in a way that really works, with a formula that actually defines and enhances curls, delivers light hold, and leaves hair soft and touchable. Bonus: It also helps your style resist humidity, preventing frizz before it even happens.

This curl cream is all about the moisture, thanks to the proprietary Rice Curl Complex. (FYI—it’s a blend of rice, enzymes, and keratin amino acids, which work together to nourish curls, boost curl retention, and protect your hair.) But the lightweight, velvety formula goes above and beyond, too, adding definition to curl and actively nixing frizz. Extra bounce? Zero frizz? We’re in. Plus, its light, subtle scent is worth writing home about, too.

Gel is forever and always a must-have in any good curl routine, but this one takes the results to the next level. It helps to shape and sculpt curls for a style that *actually* lasts, with a firm (but still flexible) hold that keeps them from stretching or collapsing throughout the day. The non-sticky gel also controls frizz, doesn’t flake off, and features the same Rice Curl Complex as the Curl Defining Cream. Speaking of: Consider layering the two (first the cream, then the gel) to get glossy, hydrated definition that lasts days and days.

Woke up to flattened or frizzy curls? NBD. You can still postpone wash day with this lightweight curl foam, which rehydrates curls, adds shine, and tamps down frizz (which can result from friction from the pillowcase), allowing you to style with ease. Just dampen hair with the Curl Foam, rake through curls from roots to ends, and you’re good to go. That said, it’s also a styler in its own right, adding definition and volume—although you can (and should!) pair it with the gel, cream, mousse, or all of the above to help you get the look you want.

And with that, you’re just a few products away from helping your curls live its best life. Ready to refresh your haircare starting line up? Check out the entire Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk line at!