5 Halloween Nail Art Looks You Can Try At Home

Because getting to the salon may be a tad tricky this year.

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Sadly, Halloween definitely won't look the same this year. Parties will most likely be banished to Zoom and trick or treating has been replaced by a new, spookier game: track and tracing. But fear not, you can still spread a bit of spooky cheer if you're a sucker for this time of year, and while I totally advocate getting dressed up or doing some creepy makeup on the big day, another way you can enjoy it (without too much commitment) is through Halloween nail art looks you can try at home.

This year, more nail salons and brands are making spooky, artsy looks easier than ever. If you can get out to a salon and still want to, your options are literally endless, especially when you consider the talent and skill level of most nail artists out there. However, if you feel safer doing up your nails from home, I’ve selected five looks I think anyone can achieve, and rated them from the hardest to the easiest.

Most will require a small selection of nail polish shades (which will be detailed below), as well as a small nail dotting tool and very fine artistry brush. This set from Amazon is perfect, and has everything for under a fiver.

Outside of that, all you need is some creativity, a spare afternoon, and, in some cases, a hefty dose of patience…


This may have the highest difficulty rating, so it might be worth enlisting the help of a friend to do your other hand. All you need is a white and black colour, along with a dotting tool and a thin brush. The YouTube tutorial is very easy to follow, and the written instructions are also in the drop-down box if you find those easier to follow.

Skill level: ****

A spooky pumpkin

This may look like an intricate design, but Shoreditch Nails' reel shows all you need is a steady hand for this one. Be sure to have the following in our kit: an orange nail shade, a black hue, and a thin brush to do your artistry with!

Skill level: ***

Creepy eyes

Another great design by Shoreditch Nails, these eyes are just the right level of creepy. Their easy-to-follow reel shows you need only three things: a selection of polish colours (in nude, black, white, and blue), a dotting tool (with two different sizes), and a tiny brush for the detailed lashes.

Skill level: ***

Simple black stars

If you're not too up for anything too creepy or Halloween-specific, these little hearts will still do the job just fine. And guess what? They take minimum skill level as they can be created with the use of these Ciate Cheat Sheets, which are simple press-on stickers. Perfect for zero commitment and/or steady hands!

Skill level: **

Devil's flames

If all else fails, turn to falsies. Stick-ons are the perfect option for short-wear Halloween nails, and can be applied by even the most nail artistry-challenged among us! Plus at £5, you really can't go wrong.

Skill level: *

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