9 Must-Have Products For Doing Your Favorite Salon & Spa Treatments At Home

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Since the luxury of getting something like a facial or manicure is largely on pause at the moment, many of us are recreating our favorite salon and spa treatments at home. Whether it’s to have some self-care time alone, to approximate a slice of an old routine, or simply to just tidy up our brows for all those video meetings, we seem to be honing our unofficial aesthetician skills.

There are plenty of DIY beauty recipes for at-home spa days — and we’ve certainly been having our share of those. But for more everyday occasions, we’ve selected our top, must-try products that bring the salon and spa life home. Each one is designed to help you scrub, sculpt, smooth, or snooze. So if you’ve been missing the kind of shampoo you can only get (until now) in a salon chair, or you’re reminiscing about your last wax appointment and are trying to make it last as long as possible, these products have you covered from head to toe.

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Replace The Salon Shampoo Massage

To replicate that deep scalp cleaning you normally get in the salon chair, add a scalp scrub to your hair routine once a week. This one from Kristin Ess soothes and balances while gently removing flakes, product build-up, excess sebum, and even hard water deposits. Follow it up with your regular shampoo and conditioner for perfectly clean and hydrated strands.

Mimic A Professional Facial

You know that melt-y feeling you get when an aesthetician kneads the contours of your cheeks during a facial? This roller mimics that. After prepping skin with a serum, oil, or moisturizer, run it out and up along your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead to release tension and temporarily sculpt.

Extend The Life Of A Wax

For those who used to wax and want to extend their last appointment as long as humanly possible — or for anyone just looking for a way to deal with ingrowns — try this helpful body-care bundle from European Wax Center. It includes a gently exfoliating body wash and a moisturizing body lotion. Combined, they also help minimize regrowth thanks to Narcissus tazetta bulb extract, which targets hair at the root.

Protect Strands Between Haircuts

Whether or not you’ve chosen to take scissors into your own hands, you can help keep your hair as healthy as possible with the right towel. With its proprietary Aquitex fabric, Aquis makes a variety of styles that absorb water without the need for friction (which can damage strands and cause frizz).

Bring Cuticle Care Home

You don’t have to be a master DIY nail artist to give your hands some basic TLC. This essentials kit includes a file, glossy top coat, and most importantly, a cuticle serum wand. The non-greasy formula is packed with hydrating oils and cactus flower extract, while the foam-tip pen makes application a delightfully mess-free occasion.

Get That Post-Body-Treatment Glow

In lieu of exfoliating body treatments that slough off what feels like 50 layers of dead skin, try dry brushing. Once a day before bathing (and while skin is still dry), gently brush in small, circular motions, working your way from your extremities toward your heart. (If it feels at all uncomfortable, try lightening up the pressure.)

Power Down & Zen Out

You never needed an excuse to unplug and tune out when there was a warm towel or weighted mask covering your eyes. We say now is no exception! Try this silk eye mask whenever you need to escape. It blocks light to help with sleep while being gentle on skin.

Maintain That “Just Had A Brow Appointment” Feeling

If you’re longing for the effect of just-done brows, this kit has you covered. Use the tweezers to judiciously pluck strays (less is more) and the grooming gel to sweep hairs up and over. This creates a lifted, feathered look. Finish with the highlighter along the brow bones for added definition, and set your Zoom to “join with video.”

Fake Fresh Color

For dye jobs that are looking a bit more color-blocked than ombre, try a root cover-up spray to blend the transition. This one from Rita Hazan comes in five waterproof shades that tint, cover grays, and stay until shampooed out. Start light and build the color as needed.