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The Best Fashion From And Just Like That Episode 8

Including a major throwback to Sex and the City.

Carrie wears a gown she wore in the original "Sex and the City" in the latest episode of HBO Max's "...
Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO Max

In episode 8 of HBO Max’s And Just Like That, Carrie takes a walk down memory lane with the help of Charlotte’s daughter Lily and her realtor-turned-friend Seema. She finds everything from the grandma-inspired looks she smokes in to that iconic Paris gown. Here is the best fashion from this week’s episode.

Courtesy of HBO Max
Seema comes over to Carrie’s apartment for dinner amid Carrie archiving all of her clothing. In a throwback moment SATC fans have been dying for, she pulls out the iconic Versace gown she once wore to get stood up by then boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky in Paris.