Androgynous Formal Wear That Will Make You Feel *So* Fancy

Dapper style for everyone, right ahead.

In your twenties, “wedding season” seems to take up most of the year. From March to November, calendars are packed with Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, engagement celebrations — and after all of that, the weddings themselves. And every one of these events requires formal attire.

Dressing for a wedding is already stressful enough; there’s always the question of if your look is sufficiently formal, too formal, too revealing, appropriate for the venue — you get it. On top of those questions, people who dress androgynously most also find something that fits their body and their gender presentation, while still living up to the “formal attire” label.

Fortunately, queer-owned brands like Kirrin Finch, Dapper Boi, and Wildfang are paving the way in androgynous fashion. There are also plenty of retailers that custom-tailor suits for different bodies, though you often need to start by selecting the “men’s” or “women’s” sections (eye roll). When a full look isn’t in the budget, it’s easy to add some trendy, queer-friendly accessories to your go-to outfit.

Whether you’re elevating a basic button-up or hunting for the perfect jumpsuit, here are 10 androgynous formal wear ideas for wedding season and beyond.

Floral Button-Ups

You can’t talk about queer formalwear without talking about queer-owned retailer Wildfang, right? This printed top can easily be paired with a tie, a jacket, or worn alone.

Short Suits

When you need a new suit but don’t have $500 laying around, ASOS always has your back. This cropped version is perfect for any occasion.

Funky Boots

Florals — and I can’t stress this enough — for spring. The playful print makes leather boots feel androgynous-cool.

Bolo Ties

If you haven’t seen a bolo tie lately, you haven’t been around enough queer people. This accessory is a staple of androgynous formal style.

Flowy Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can qualify as formal, if you know where to look. This design is a prime example.

Jewel Tone Suits

I polled my friends for their favorite suit retailer, and SuitShop was the overwhelming response. Though you have to select “men’s” or “women’s” styles, you can enter measurements to customize it to your body.

Floral Skinny Ties

If bolo isn’t your vibe and you’re sick of the same old bowties, a new floral skinny tie is the perfect way to add color to your ‘fit.

Formal Vests

If money weren’t an issue, I’d own everything Kirrin Finch sells. But since we still live under capitalism (ugh), opt for their less-pricey formalwear, like a vest that can work for tons of occasions.

Simple Fedoras

A simple earth-tone hat can dress up any outfit (and save any bad hair day).

A Fitted Blazer

Investing in one blazer that fits perfectly and pairs with most of your shirts is a wedding season game-changer.