12 Androgynous Outfit Ideas That Feel Effortlessly Cool

*Screams from the rooftop.* Style has no gender!!!

by Syd Stephenson
androgynous outfits
Courtesy of @copelynshaw & @heycolanda

As a non-binary, agender person, developing my own sense of personal style was a really important part of my social transition.

Growing up, I experimented pretty heavily with my gender expression. I based my clothing style on my own self-expression, instead of choosing clothes that fell within the societal confines of my assigned gender. This included an all-pink wardrobe phase and an “I want to look like Anakin Skywalker'' phase, which started in 2005 and never really went away, if I’m being honest.

As I moved into my teens, though, I felt a lot of pressure to dress exclusively feminine. It was suffocating to feel like I could only wear clothes that reflected how other people decided I should look. When came out, I felt obligated to dress in only masculine clothes, in hopes of being accepted as non-binary, instead of seen as a woman.

Like many other LGBTQ+ people, it took me years after coming out as queer and non-binary to really make my style my own again. Now that I have, androgynous outfits are my bread and butter — that means the way I dress does not explicitly lean feminine or masculine.

I love dressing androgynously, because there are no limitations. Anyone can do it, regardless of your orientation or identity. It just means recognizing that clothes don’t have gender and that you can use style to break away from the binary confinements so deeply placed on fashion.

Below, scroll through androgynous outfits for any occasion, from casual wear, to going out ‘fits, to workwear. Get ready to smash that follow button on these style savvy influencers.


Leather Pants & A Graphic Tee

This look is loud, drawing attention to the clothes rather than the body.


Bright Layers & Balloon Pants

Both of these vintage-inspired looks aptly utilize boxy tops and pleated pants to create a structured, straight-fit form.


A Sweater Vest & Loafers

A bold sweater vest is a favorite across both the mens and women's departments. Pairing it with a white tee, black jeans, and loafers gives a dressier vibe to a basic, unisex look.


Neutral Suiting

The breezy blazer and silky pants make for a bold, flowing look literally anyone can pull off.


Normcore Staples

This is a classic, everyday androgynous look. The analogous blue-green color scheme creates a neutral-adjacent colorway. Along with the loose-fitting layers and pants this uniform is perfectly genderless


A Boxy Jacket & Statement Pants

This look aptly combines analogous colors, but gets a little pop, with a mod tile pattern.


Statement Jeans & A Blazer

This editor-crafted look feels so chic. The use of multiple unbuttoned tops and painted jeans is a creative take on an androgynous favorite: pairing oversize pieces.


Chill Athleisure

This casual look is all about balance. The more fitted, sporty T-shirt and sneakers work well with the traditionally feminine, loose-fitting tennis skirt. The result is a cool, sporty, tomboyish look.


Baggy Jeans & A Statement Jacket

For the people in the back: Androgynous outfits don’t have to be boring! This look utilizes bold motifs for added style, while oversize fits create a uniform, androgynous figure.


Sporty Layers

A casual, sporty look with loose-fit elements makes for an easy androgynous outfit. The cropped tube top gives pop to the outfit, tying the look together without overtly feminizing it.


Cargo Pants & A Tank

Androgynous, but make is so f*cking trendy. The loose-fit cargo pants combine well with a salmon cut-out top for a gender-neutral summer look.


A Cardi & Trousers

This beige, monochrome ensemble feels timeless and combines feminine (the fitted cardigan) and masculine pieces (khakis and sneakers) to create an effortlessly cool aesthetic.