An Ode To The CBD Spray That Quashes My Body Aches

ILU, Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Spray.

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A collage photo of Apothecanna's Extra Strength Body Spray, a CBD-spiked pain reliever and it's 10/1...
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Almost every single day I deal with some sort of body ache. This can entail anything from lower back pain from my sleeping position, neck tension from staring at a screen, or sore legs from my workouts — the list goes on. That’s why I’ve become a CBD cream connoisseur. After slathering on a ton of different products in the category, I’ve landed on one that I need to always have on hand: Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Body Spray.

Though CBD comes in a range of forms for all different purposes, I like to use it topically for my ever-present pain/tightness/tension. For that particular concern, CBD works to quell inflammation and achiness within the body, and research backs it up as a superstar for pain relief.

I’ve tested dozens of CBD-spiked creams, oils, balms, and sprays — but nothing has done the ache-quashing job quite like the Apothecanna body spray. Read on for why it’s become my body care MVP.

First Up: The Basics

Apothecanna makes an array of different body care products that contain CBD as their headlining ingredient. While I’ve tried a handful of them, the Extra Strength Body Spray is the one that caught my eye. First of all, it’s a spray — which means you can feed your skin the muscle- and pain-relieving concoction in a simple spritz. If you prefer to use spray sunscreens, you get the appeal: It’s the easiest application method that exists. Periodt.

Besides the potent dose of CBD (in the Extra Strength Body Spray, that means 200 milligrams of the stuff, which is on the higher end found in topicals — I’ve used lotions that contain a 50 milligrams the way up to 500 milligrams) the product also has arnica, an OG healer that helps with topical concerns like bruises and soreness. Besides that, your skin gets to soak up peppermint oil (which not only feels invigorating but reduces swelling), juniper extract (a medicinal plant known for boosting circulation, aka aids in skin healing) and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM, an anti-inflammatory). In other words: This is quite a mighty elixir.

Because its formula is jam-packed with such strong actives, all you need is a spritz or two on your area of concern, which you rub in and then bask in the pain relief you get in a matter of seconds. Seriously — I found that Apothecannsa’s formula soothes aches quicker than anything else I’ve ever used. And you can reap the spray’s nearly immediate healing powers on all sorts of body woes: swollen joints, sore muscles, stubborn bruises, cramps, and sunburns.

Why I’m Obsessed

I’ve found some pain relief from other CBD products, but nothing I’ve tried holds a candle to this body spray. As soon as a spritz of the liquid hits your skin, you feel a slight tingling coolness as you catch a strong whiff of the mint oil. Moments after application, whatever ache that was just plaguing you suddenly fades into the periphery. Normally, other CBD topicals take at least 10 minutes to half an hour for me to notice any difference, so this is pretty miraculous.

I love to use it on sore legs and neck tightness, but my favorite thing to do is spray a bunch onto my trigger points — aka localized spots within my body where muscle fibers have become extra-taut and cause chronic pain. Right now, I have one in each shoulder blade, and I can always feel those pesky knots disabling my full mobility whenever I’m doing certain arm movements. I’ve tried sticking my Hypervolt on them to massage the knots away, but it’s really hard to hit the middle of my back with that thing. I’ve also used a foam roller and a tennis ball on the area — no dice.

But the Apothecanna Extra Strength Spray? It’s my hero: Since it’s a spray, I’m able to get the product right on otherwise hard-to-reach areas. Ever since I started using it, I can’t stop. I’m constantly spritzing any areas of tenderness and tension throughout the day so that they dissolve into smithereens.


If you’re also riddled with back pain/muscle tension/insert-body-woe-here, I’d highly recommend making room in your beauty cabinet for this baby. And, if you’re wary of CBD’s healing prowess, I guarantee this spray will change your mind. Personally, I’m OMW to order another bottle.

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