Apothékary's Rosé-Inspired Herbal Tincture Offers A Healthy Dose Of Chill

It’s a vibe.

Bustle's beauty writer tried Apothékary's Rosé-Tinted Glasses Mood Support Tincture, an herbal alcoh...
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For all my fellow wellness girlies who may be on a bit of a health journey at the moment — sugary, booze-filled cocktails are just one of those things that can often get in the way of disciplined morning workouts. While I personally am partial to a sugarless “skinny margarita,” as so many hot-spots call it, pesky hangovers are still very much an issue for those early call times at the gym...

Whether you are focusing more on your health these days with less alcohol consumption (like myself) or are already a fan of creating aesthetic mocktails at-home, Apothékary’s mood-enhancing tinctures that serve as an alcohol alternative might just be for you. And spoiler: not only do they give you an uplifting buzz, but they are actually good for you, too.

On July 25 — just in time for this summer’s Barbiecore craze — the brand released its newest pink-hued creation called the Rosé-Tinted Glasses Mood Support Tincture. And akin to a cool glass of yummy rosé, the formula brings with it the ability to give you a gentle daytime buzz that is uplifting (sans the alcohol, of course).

What Does Apothékary’s Rosé-Tinted Glasses Do, Exactly?

ICYWW, a tincture is essentially a highly concentrated herbal extract that is packed with medicinal benefits. And while it’s always important to read the warning labels and consult with your doctor before trying a new dietary supplement, tinctures can be an easy to boost your current wellness routine.

Rosé-Tinted Glasses contains a number of powerful extracts, including schisandra berries (an adaptogen), lion’s mane mushroom (best known for reducing brain fog), chrysanthemum flowers (a digestive aid), strawberries (a blood sugar balancer), vitamin C-rich rosehip, and more.

Paired together, the organic tincture’s formula gives you a boost of focus, along with a blissful buzz meant for daytime.

It Effortlessly Elevates A Glass Of Water

Dropping the hot pink liquid straight into my mouth, I found the taste a bit tart, but incredibly tasty all the same. Diluted in a glass of water, the berry flavor became hardly detectable (as did the liquid’s color, since it gave the water a barely-there sheer pink hue).

While I have noticed a subtle buzz that is joyful and suitable for daytime (and even work) — what I love most about Rosé-Tinted Glasses so far is that it elevates an otherwise boring glass of water (or mocktail), and packs a beneficial punch, too.