Awesome Beauty Products On Amazon That Seem Expensive But Are Actually Cheap As Hell

Aesthetic bottles and primo ingredients don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Written by Allison Bolt
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These are the beauty products that you want to leave out on your countertop like they’re just a part of your bathroom or vanity decor — because they just seem that expensive. Everyone will think you have a collection of expensive products, but only you’ll know that they’re actually cheap as hell.

In addition to looking so luxe, these products last a long time, work incredibly well, and make your daily beauty routine easier — all without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and use these pricey-seeming products.


A Super Cheap False Lash Mascara That Stays Dramatic All Day

Obviously, this false-lash mascara is worth grabbing with that budget-friendly price, but it also won’t flake or smear after you put it on, which is why it has 223,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s also fade-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about losing those fluffy and defined lashes the conic fiber brush creates throughout the day.


This Pro-Grade Callus Remover To Add To Your Pumice Stone Routine

This callus remover saves you from spending way too much time with your pumice stone or exfoliating sponge because it starts on your calluses and rough, dry skin before you even reach for a scrubbing tool. This professional-quality gel is easy to apply, and it only takes up to 10 minutes before you can get to exfoliating.


A Portable, Moisturizing Hair Wax Stick That Tames Unwanted Flyaways

This wax stick helps to keep flyaways and frizzy hair at bay, but it also gives your hair a shiny finish that won’t harden. It has shaping beeswax, nourishing avocado oil, vitamin E, and a little cap on top to tuck this non-greasy stick in your haircare bag.


These Best-Selling, Gold-Infused Eye Masks That Make You Look Wide Awake

These de-puffing eye masks are honestly the only ones to keep around because they work to brighten and soothe your delicate under-eye skin, making you look more awake in the process. This 20-pack of masks also come in individual pouches, so you can give your skin a glowy moment even when you’re traveling.


A Popular Foundation Brush That Holds Up To Being Washed

No matter how thick your favorite liquid or cream blush or how dense your powder foundation is, this foundation brush can handle it without getting streaky or shedding. The soft flat-top design makes it easy to wash off that dried cream blush without pulling out a ton of the bristles.


This Teeth-Whitening Kit That’s Free Of Annoying Strips

You’ll actually reach for this teeth whitening kit (instead of letting it hang out in your bathroom drawer forever) because it comes with little pens that are so easy to use on every single tooth. You only need about 30 seconds with this gentle, enamel-safe formula every day, and the brand promises teeth that are up to eight shades whiter in one week.


A Soothing Ice Facial Roller That Helps To Decrease Unwanted Puffiness

After only about 10 to 15 minutes in the freezer, this facial ice roller is ready to de-puff and help out with circulation, which leaves you with glowing, soothed skin. The removable, freezable gel roller on top also happens to be bright pink and adorable in your skincare bag.


These Cult Favorite Pimple Patches That Work Overnight

You can stick these acne patches on before bed or even before you leave for the day. They have a hydrocolloid formula built right in to help with redness and puss-filled spots in just six to eight hours, which is ideal for bedtime use. If you do need to use them during the day, these small, circular patches are basically invisible, which is why they have 87,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Colorful 10-Pack Of Non-Slip Sectioning Clips

These colorful clips are perfect for your hair-styling drawer because they have a curved design that makes it so easy to section your hair. Each one has a little non-slip handle on the end, and the double-hinge design means these lightweight clips won’t slide out of your hair, pull your hair, or cause any other damage.


This Brush Tip Eyeliner With A Little Built-In Stencil For A Flawless Cat Eye

The cap of this liquid eyeliner has a little built-in stencil to create the most symmetrical cat eye moment. It has a brush tip on top that’s so easy to use. Even on days when you’re not going for the winged vibe, this liner is waterproof and completely smudge-resistant.


A Soothing, Cooling Facial Mist With Cucumber, Green Tea & Peppermint

This aloe facial spray is obviously soothing, but it also comes with cooling peppermint essential water to help your skin feel more awake in the morning. It also has nutrient-rich botanicals to give your skin a ton of moisture wherever you spritz this cucumber and green tea mist.


A Repairing Jojoba Oil-Infused Cuticle Pen That’s So Easy To Apply

You won’t have to skip out on that messy and tedious cuticle oil step with this cuticle oil pen because it’s completely mess-free. Underneath the tidy cap, it has a little brush pen to quickly swipe the repairing jojoba oil, sweet almond seed oil, and vitamin E formula to condition and repair your nails and cuticles.


This Trendy Multi-Stick With A Non-Greasy Feel

This shea butter multi-stick has a chunky design that makes it so easy to sweep or dab a bit of this blendable color wherever you want it — whether that’s on your lips, cheeks, or eyes. Plus, the buildable and shimmery finish won’t look or feel greasy or crease.


A Bead-Free Detangling Brush That Reduces Broken Hairs

Not only will this hair brush detangle your hair without snagging it every five seconds, but the unique design will also look so expensive on your bathroom counter. The ergonomic and chic shape is paired with flexible cone-shaped bristles that are completely free of those painful little beads on the ends, which helps to reduce breakage and frizz.


A Brush Cleaning Set With All Of The Tidy Supplies You Need

This spinning makeup brush cleaner will make you feel like a professional, and the little stand will keep your countertop tidy. The sleek little spinner tool comes with eight different adapters, so you can use it to quickly wash and dry brushes of all sizes. Of course, you also get cleaning solution and a little splash-free bowl to clean them in.


This No-Yellow Shampoo That Won’t Add A Ton Of Time To Hair-Washing Day

This no-yellow shampoo takes care of all of the unwanted yellow or way-too-warm tones in blonde and gray hair. It’s also easy to add this violet shampoo to your hair washing day once a week, because it only has to sit for about one to three minutes before you rinse it like normal shampoo. The result will be cool, vibrant hair.


An Oil-Control Setting Spray That Locks In Your Makeup All Day

This setting spray will feel more expensive and luxurious than your others because it won’t feel like you’re wearing a setting spray. The weightless formula also takes care of oiliness, so you won’t have to layer a bunch of powder on top of this matte-finish mist.


This Exfoliating Mitt That Is Easier To Use Than Sugar Scrubs

This reusable exfoliating mitt means you only need water to take care of dry skin and clogged pores, so you won’t have to buy a bunch of sugar or coffee scrubs all the time. This deep-cleaning fabric scrubber has a little loop to hang it in your shower after you use it to rid your body of dry skin. This professional-feeling glove also helps with ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, and itchy skin.


A Hydrating, Orange-Based Vitamin C Serum With Retinol

This vitamin C serum feels so expensive that you’ll want to leave it out on your countertop. The Florida oranges in this serum will take care of brightening your skin every time you apply this sensitive skin-friendly formula. It also has antioxidants, aloe vera, retinol, and more to hydrate, smooth, and rejuvinate your skin.


This Skincare Tool That Makes Budget Cleansers Feel Foamy

Keep this chic little skincare tool around for when you want to have a luxurious cleansing moment because it turns any ordinary cleanser (whether it’s a gel, liquid, or powder) into an airy foam. Just add a little cleanser into this tube, fill it with water and pump. The result is a fluffy cloud of product — and you can even mix a few of your favorites in here for a customized blend.


This Soft, Absorbent Hair Towel That Works So Quickly

This super lightweight microfiber hair towel is a soft, quick-drying alternative to harsh, large bath towels or an old T-shirt. The absorbent, breathable towel even has a loop on the back, so you can run around doing your makeup or chores while this towel reduces frizz and dries your hair.


A Set Of Chic Glass Cuticle Pushers That Are Gentle On Your Nails

These glass cuticle pushers will make your nail care setup instantly feel so chic. Each one is double-sided with a precise tip and a beveled end to gently clean and push back cuticles. They also come with little clear cases to keep them safe in your polish bag.


A Brightening Eye Cream With A Luxe, Floral Formula

This brightening and softening eye cream feels more expensive than it’s sub-$25 price tag because its vegan formula is infused with rose hip seed oil and hibiscus flower extract. Other than feeling so nice, this quick-absorbing cream hydrates and even helps with any unwanted puffiness.


A Stainless Steel Lash Separator That Fixes Frustrating Mascara

It honestly won’t even matter if you grab the wrong mascara if you keep this lash tool around because it will tackle all kinds of clumping. It has a bunch of tiny stainless steel bristles on top to comb right through those annoying globs — without giving up on your mascara. It also has a protective case to cover up the bristles when you finish your lashes.


A Protein-Replacing Hair Product That You Can Just Leave In Your Locks

This shine-enhancing hair treatment will feel like a pricey protein treatment, but you won’t have to walk around with a mask in your hair for an hour or splurge at the salon. Instead, simply spritz this detangling, strengthening, and protein-replacing spray into your hair for serious hydration as well as heat and UV protection.


This Shea Butter-Infused Lip Scrub To Avoid Dry Lips Under Your Gloss

This lip scrub won’t dry out your lips before you put on your go-to lipstick or trendy gloss because it has shea butter and even kukui nut oil built-in, which help to add and lock in moisture. Of course, it’s also full of Hawaiian cane sugar crystals, so it will exfoliate away dry skin and even brighten your lips.


The Water-Resistant Sunscreen With A Touch Of Shimmer

This budget-friendly sunscreen is honestly the most luxurious SPF 30 to grab because it has a shimmery finish that will make you look super glowy at the pool or beach. Don’t let the subtly glittery formula fool you — this hydrating spray-on SPF is still completely waterproof.


A Silicone Shampoo Brush For Gentle Massaging & Serious Cleaning

This easy-to-use shampoo brush comes with two different bristle options depending on if you want a light scalp massage or some serious deep cleaning. No matter which one you pop on that day, you can use this silicone brush in the shower to wash away excess product or dandruff or even when it’s dry.


A Repairing Essence With Seriously Expensive-Feeling Snail Mucin

With an ingredient like repairing snail secretion filtrate inside, it’s shocking just how cheap this hydrating essence is. The serum-like essence will help soothe and hydrate damaged and dry skin without feeling too heavy. It also helps to even out your skintone, which is why this sleek little bottle is a best-seller on Amazon.


These Best-Selling Foot Masks That Will Make Your Feet Feel Like New

Getting rid of dry skin and calluses is way less work with these foot peel masks because you won’t have to pull out any scrubbers (or slippery sugar scrubs). Just put them on once for about an hour, and over the next 12 to 14 days, the fruit acids and extracts will do their thing and shed away old, cracked skin. The result will be baby soft feet that no pedicure can achieve.


This Non-Sticky Butter Gloss That Gives You A Medium-Coverage Moment

This lip gloss will feel way more buttery and expensive than your other trendy glosses — but it’s so cheap. This non-sticky formula also gives you medium coverage, so it will honestly give you more of a chic lipstick vibe. This budget-friendly gloss is available in over 30 colors, so there’s one for every single occasion you could imagine.


An Argan Oil Mask That Nourishes Dry, Dull Hair

With all of the shininess this argan oil hair mask gives you, you’ll feel like a professional hairdresser washed your locks. It has a bunch of vitamins and nutrients to help out with damage, over-processing, weakness, elasticity, or even hair that feels a little dull and dry in between haircuts.


These Adorable Pink Beauty Blenders That Are Super Soft

This adorable pack of little pink makeup blenders will feel so trendy tucked in your makeup bag. They are so soft and precise with a slender tip for contouring and a rounded edge for blending in larger areas. Each one is easy to clean, so they’ll keep that on-trend pink look no matter how much cream blush you cover them in.


This Lightweight Hyaluronic Acid Serum That’s So Hydrating

Using just a few little drops of this hydrating hyaluronic acid serum will take your skincare routine to the next level. It’s lightweight enough to moisturize your neck and shoulders without feeling like you’re wearing a heavy lotion, and it’ll lock that hydration in all day long.


A Chic Exfoliating Brush With A Comfy Cotton Strap

This exfoliating brush will instantly make your shower look like a spa with its durable wooden design and the anti-slip cotton strap on top. It’s covered in durable boar bristles on the bottom that will pair perfectly with your bubble bath or your dry brushing routine. This chic little brush also comes with a stick-on hook for your shower or bathroom wall to keep it clean and dry.


These Neutral Satin Scrunchies That Are Gentle On Your Hair

These gentle scrunchies will feel way more glam than classic elastic hair ties because they’re covered in glossy satin fabric. Each one of these satin scrunchies has an on-trend neutral color that feels chic. Even with the satin fabric, these no-crease scrunchies won’t slide around or slip out of your hair.

  • Available colors: 4


A Dual-Sided Cream Contour Stick That Is So Portable

This cream contour stick makes it so easy to look like you had your makeup professionally done because it creates the most precise and sculpted contour. One side is made for highlighting, while the other is for defining. It also won’t clutter up your makeup bag as much as bulky powder bronzer and highlighters do, because this slim stick is just a little over 4 inches long.


A Trendy Rice Water Cleansing Oil For A Brightening Step

This lightweight cleansing oil is such a luxurious skincare addition because it has rice water to make it a brighten and soothe your skin as you double-cleanse. This lightweight cleanser also has jojoba oil to add a bit of hydration and nourishment to your makeup-removing routine.


This Easy-To-Use Chemical Exfoliator With Built-In Pumice Stone Beads

If tiny bumps or keratosis pilaris bothers you, this body scrub will actually soothe your skin every time you exfoliate. This chemical exfoliant is also filled with tiny pumice buffing beads to help with any bumps, painfully dry skin, or even a bit of roughness.


A Viral Heatless Curler With Satin That’s Soft On Your Hair

This heatless curling set is everywhere right now — because all you need to do is wrap your hair around it and snooze for flawless waves. The bendable curler is cushioned and plush enough to sleep in, and you get two comfy scrunchies to keep it all in place. Plus, the entire set is covered in silky satin to feel extra-luxurious while you sleep.

  • Available colors: 2


This Eye Mask Set With Soothing Steam & Lavender

These eye masks are way better than heating up a gel mask because they automatically heat up when you open the individual packs to moisturize your skin with soothing steam. Tuck them into your bedside table or your bag for stressful flights because these de-puffing masks have a calming lavender scent.


A Brush-On Treatment To Make Your Nails Stronger

This nail strengthener is infused with vitamin E, which can help rebuild thin, cracked, or brittle nails and encourages growth. As a bonus, it leaves behind a glossy finish that looks put together. Plus, this nourishing treatment comes in an adorable frosted bottle, so you won’t mind keeping it out on the vanity.


A Mini LED Mirror For Your Travel Toiletries Setup

This miniature LED mirror has a fold-up design that protects the mirror itself and allows you to check your makeup on-the-go. Tuck it right in your bag, and you’ll always have two mirrors, three different light warmth settings, and brightness options when you want to check your look.


This Chic Eyeshadow Palette With A Ton Of Glittery Options

This eyeshadow eyeshadow palette is full of glittery shadows, so you always have a shimmery going-out option handy. It has a built-in mirror and a chic gold-tone finish that will stand out from all of your everyday matte palettes in your makeup bag, so you always know which one is your shimmery fav.

  • Available colors: 9


A Clarifying Shampoo That Actually Soothes Your Scalp

This unique shampoo might have a clarifying and buildup-removing formula, but it also nourishes and takes care of your scalp with soothing oats. There’s a bunch of apple cider vinegar to handle the clarifying part while also adding a ton of shininess to your hair.