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Becky G Talks Treslúce Beauty, Chicana Culture, & Self-Confidence

Plus, her latest collab with IPSY.

Becky G, founder of Treslúce Beauty, chats with Bustle about her IPSY Glam X bag partnership, beauty...
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If the quote “though she be but little, she is fierce” were a person — it would no doubt be Becky G.

At 25 years old, the California-born Chicana is a pop star who continues to dominate the Latin charts, a part-time actor who has most recently starred in MGK’s comedy Good Mourning as well as the 2017 blockbuster Power Rangers, and the founder of Treslúce Beauty. And with her larger-than-life stage presence and a deep pride for her Mexican culture that is intertwined in all that she does: It’s safe to say the Mamiii singer is a powerhouse.

Below, Becky G talks about her IPSY Glam Bag X (which features products from Treslúce, Herbivore Botanicals, Tarte Cosmetics, and more), her Chicana culture, and the beauty look that makes her feel most confident on stage.

On Beauty

Tell me a bit about your new IPSY Glam Bag X collection. What was your biggest inspiration when curating the products?

“Self-expression and Chicana pride were my biggest inspirations when curating the products. Being able to express yourself is so important to me and apparent in everything I create, especially Treslúce Beauty — [and] I want to continue encouraging others to express themselves, color outside the lines, and introduce some game-changing Latinx and women-founded brands.”

Growing up in a Mexican-American household, what beauty tips, tricks and routines did you adopt from your culture?

“I've learned all of my beauty and skincare secrets from my mom, tias, and abuelitas over the years. I’ve also learned what not to do. I always make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water because it’s great for your skin. I know not to go to sleep with a face full of makeup, so I always make sure to take it off before bed each night. But the best advice they've ever given me is to always express myself in what feels right to me, and to be proud of our Latinx heritage and culture.”

Which products from Treslúce are always in your purse?

“I can’t live without my Line It Up Edge Corrector. The product is pure magic when it comes to cleaning up and fixing any liner blunders.”

On Self-Care & Confidence

How do you incorporate little moments of self-love and self-care?

“Really getting to know my skin and taking care of my skin has been a daily ritual in itself. My nightly skincare routine can really help me relax after a long day in the studio or performing. I like to put on a fluffy robe, light a candle, and really take my time. I’ll use facial rollers to work in my serums and moisturizer, [or] go to get facials on a regular basis, which is my favorite thing to help me treat myself.”

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When you need a little extra confidence either on-stage or in real life, what glam look is your go-to?

“Makeup has always made me feel beautiful and powerful. It’s like putting your cape on. Adding a bright and vivid lip or creating elaborate eye looks gives me an instant confidence boost.”