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Bella Hadid’s Workout ’Fit Includes “Wedgie Shorts” & Givenchy Kicks

Are the shorts comfortable, though?

by Allie Fasanella
bella hadid wearing a blue t-shirt with white shorts and sunglasses
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

It’s been established that Bella Hadid is fully embracing her “weird girl” era when it comes to fashion. Lately, she’s been stepping out in knee-high athletic socks (most recently, she paired them with heels and a mid-thigh skirt), clunky bubble clogs, and zip-away maxi skirts. The latter she styled with oversized skate shoes à la the ’90s and early ’00s, but her recent gym ’fit might be her funkiest look to date.

When the model opted for the gym look I’m about to break down (keep scrolling for evidence), I couldn’t have been less surprised. Taking to Instagram on Aug. 14, Hadid shared some snaps of herself working out at Gotham Gym in NYC — and leave it to Bella to wear what I can’t help but describe as “wedgie shorts.” Allow me to explain.

Basically, the skimpy black bike shorts featured ruching in the back that gave the appearance of a wedgie. The style doesn’t look the most comfortable, but hey, I’ve yet to try them, so perhaps they feel like a supportive dream.

Hadid paired them with a black Gotham logo sports bra by Champion and a long-sleeved white T-shirt worn the “Bella” way — almost like a shrug, with only the arms on and the rest pulled over her shoulders. She also added some small gold hoop earrings as well as a smattering of bracelets and rings. ’Cause, why not accessorize?

That’s not all, though. For footwear, the 25-year-old slipped into Givenchy’s new avant-garde TK-360 knit sneakers. The style is made of technical mesh, with subtle branding on the heel, and features a sculpted, sole-free silhouette.

Yup, you read that right. No soles. Here’s hoping they’re more comfortable than the aforementioned wedgie shorts. In addition to the black color Hadid chose, the eccentric sneaker also comes in white, beige, gray, navy, light pink, and highlighter yellow. And something tells me Bella has them in more than just one hue.

If you take nothing else from this look — because I strongly doubt you’ll take a desire to try out wedgie shorts, although if you do, I salute you — let it be that Bella’s weird girl aesthetic knows no bounds. Not even a sweat sesh can stop her from taking fashion risks and starting trends.