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The 5 Most Innovative Beauty Tools Of 2022

Beauty meets tech.

by Bustle Editors

The beauty and tech worlds get more intertwined by the day, and innovations in the beauty tools category have brought results you’d previously only get in-office to the comfort of our own homes. The power of social media like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok has made it easier than ever to tap into (and learn about) practices like lymphatic drainage, facial massage, depuffing masks, microcurrents, and strategic sleeping methods — plus, the tools to try them at home. Not only do the best beauty tools perform a distinct function on their own, but, when used optimally, they facilitate better results and even magnify the benefits of the products you already own. Ahead, check out Bustle’s best beauty tools of the year.

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Best Face Tool

Makeup contour is amazing and everything, but sharp cheekbones that don’t rinse away with micellar water are pretty great too. Tease out your most defined bone structure with the help of Shani Darden’s face sculptor, which utilizes targeted vibration and sound wave therapy for natural contours. BDG staffer Carolyn Steber says that the sleek tool is both pretty and functional, equipped with instructions and suggested massage motions. “I've used it three times on my jawline and forehead and it's left me with a tighter effect,” she says, adding that it’s a great pick for those who love an at-home facial moment.

Best Body Tool

The body tool category has exploded in recent years, and you can pretty much find a tool that will do anything from tone and tighten to soothe and brighten — but it’s rare to find all of those abilities in just one tool. Enter: Skin Inc’s Tri-Light Sculpt Fit, the do-it-all body tool of your dreams. The sleek little handheld tool has multiple modes that include microcurrent (for toning), red LED light (for firming), green LED (for brightening), and blue and red LED light (for body acne). “I’m obsessed with all of the functions in this tool,” says BDG executive beauty director Faith Xue. “It feels like a treat to use every time, especially with the warming option that makes it feel like I’m giving myself a hot stone massage.”

Best Hair Tool

This sleek curling iron might just be the Rolls Royce of curling irons. The matte-black packaging earns points for design, and the Korean ceramic barrel glides through hair with no tugging or pulling, but it’s the perfect waves and curls it delivers that secures its spot as the best hair tool our testers tried. “I had AMAZING curls that lasted two complete days!” says BDG staffer Sam Rullo.

Most Innovative Beauty Tool

If you’ve ever received a facial, it’s likely that the esthetician has used a red LED light somewhere in the process — and for good reason. Red LED light has been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production, as well as speed up the healing process for the skin. At-home LED masks have certainly had a moment (you’ve probably seen them on your Instagram feeds), but CurrentBody Skin’s version is innovative and unique for its flexible silicone structure, which makes it easy to store, clean, and use. Plus, it’s backed by clinicals: users reported a reduction of wrinkles by 35% in just four weeks of consistent use. “This has made a huge difference in my skin,” says BDG executive beauty director Faith Xue. “I use it as a nightly ritual and love that it turns off on its own after 10 minutes. It feels soothing and my skin has looked brighter and tighter ever since I incorporated it into my routine.”