The Best Shoes For Your SoulCycle Bike Or Classes

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Whether at-home cyclers or studio regulars, many SoulCycle loyalists choose to invest in their own cycling shoes for their classes or to use with the SoulCycle bike that launched in 2020. While the shoes sold on their site can set you back hundreds of dollars, there are plenty of great options that’ll work for your SoulCycle workouts without costing as much. The best cycling shoes for SoulCycle, and the type recommended by SoulCycle, have Look Delta cleats, though SPD cleats are also compatible with their bikes. If you’re planning on riding non-SoulCycle bikes, you may want one choice over the other. Look Delta cleats are the best shoes for Peloton bikes as well as Flywheel classes, whereas SPD cleats are found on most bikes you might find at your gym or health club.

A little background: Unlike many other popular cycling bikes, the SoulCycle bike features a reversible pedal with one side for Look Delta clips and one side for SPD clips. For that reason, you can easily flip the pedals and clip in whichever pair you own. Given that SoulCycle recommends Look Delta, you’ll primarily see shoes with Look Delta clips on this list. But, there are a few pairs of cycling shoes on here that are compatible with both Look Delta and SPD clips (purchased separately), so you can change them out as you need. These will be the most customizable if you want to have your bases covered.

Beyond the clip style, you’ll want to treat shopping for indoor cycling shoes similar to any other shoe you’d shop for. Cycling shoes with mesh uppers with breathe well when you’re sweating, and strap versus lace-up designs are largely a matter of preference (though lace-free designs might be the most secure for high-intensity cycling sessions).

Not sure which cycling shoes you should get? Here’s a roundup of some excellent options to choose from.

1. The Best Overall, All Things Considered

  • Clip type? Look Delta clips included (other options are available with SPD clips)

This popular pair of cycling shoes has won over many SoulCycle riders, with one writing that these are “better than [the] SoulCycle shoes.” These shoes feature a synthetic leather upper that hugs your feet and three straps to keep your shoes in place during your ride. They’re also designed with multiple mesh panels to allow for breathability when you start to sweat. With a fiberglass sole that’s reinforced, these shoes offer great power transfer for a faster ride. This pair comes with Look Delta clips included, making it ideal for SoulCycle, Flywheel, or Peloton bikes, but you could also opt for the version that comes with SPD clips, if that’s the clip style that is best for your needs.

Positive Amazon review: “Love it and already wore it to two SoulCycle classes so far and it works great, attaches easily and clips off without any issues. I love the pink color and how reliable the shoes are. Also love that the cleats were already attached to the shoe. Can't wait to try the shoe on a variety of other spin classes that use LOOK Delta cleats.”

  • Available sizes: 6 - 11

2. The Best SoulCycle Shoes With Laces

  • Clip type? Look Delta clips included (other options are available with SPD clips)

As opposed to the straps on the similar Tommaso cycling shoes above, this knit pair of shoes has a lace-up design. They also feature a flexible knit upper that offers even better airflow when compared to the ones above, and a bit more stretch if your feet naturally swell during a workout. They also have a fiberglass reinforced sole for top-notch power transfer when you’re on your bike. This pair similarly is available with either Look Delta or SPD cleats (or with neither, if you already have cleats), but I’ve linked the pair with Look Delta clips above, per SoulCycle’s recommendation. These are a bit more affordable than the pair above, but the closure style may make them a little more prone to loose laces that interfere with your ride. That said, they’ll still get the job done, and are great for sweaty feet or those who prefer lacing up their indoor cycling shoes.

Positive Amazon review: “These are great. [...] I bought these in women’s 11 and am happy to say they are perfect! My feet can breathe much easier, and no more pain after a ride. These shoes have eliminated all the issues I was having and my feet don’t feel so cramped.”

  • Available sizes: 6 - 11

3. A Reddit Favorite

  • Clip type? Compatible with both, neither is included. Many reviewers use these Look Delta clips (which multiple reviewers confirm are compatible, despite the brand’s info) or this pair of Shimano SPD clips.

These Shimano cycling shoes come highly recommended by SoulCyclists on Reddit. According to Reddit user, huddie1231, “I actually called a [SoulCycle] studio and asked if they carried the shoes in store and they told me to actually save my money and buy shimano brand. Most of the instructors personally own shimano so def(initely) don’t waste your money on soul brand spin shoes.” This pair has two straps across the top for a secure fit and mesh panels and built-in ventilation for airflow. Similar to the two pairs above, these cycle shoes have fiberglass reinforced soles to ensure you can powerfully pedal during your workout. And, while they’re more affordable than those above, you’ll have to buy your Look Delta or SPD clips separately, which means these may end up being more expensive depending on which clips you go with.

According to one reviewer: “Bought these shoes for Soulcycle classes. [...] I have no problem wearing them in class. They feel great.”

  • Available sizes: 5 - 11.5

4. The Best Budget Cycling Shoes

  • Clip type? Compatible with both, neither is included. Many shoppers also buy this pair of Look Delta clips (which reviewers confirm is compatible), or you could invest in these compatible two-hole SPD clips

These affordable cycling shoes are great if you’re just starting out with SoulCycle or aren’t ready to go all-in on a pricier pair just yet. They feature a mesh upper for ventilation and a supportive nylon sole. [[Note how this isn’t as good as the first 3, and a drawback for the price?]] While they do have a narrow fit, they’re also flexible so they won’t feel constricting for most. [[Might not be the best pick for wide feet?]] These shoes are also easy to slip off and on, and the buckle and lower strap help to keep them from sliding during a ride. They’re also both Look Delta- and SPD-cleat compatible, but the cleats themselves are sold separately. These have a hybrid lace and strap design, with a single strap over the bottom that is secure, but stretchy laces that don’t constrict your feet while you ride.

Positive Amazon review: “I needed some shoes for my new SoulCycle bike. They do not come with clips, but my bike came with extra clips which fit the shoes perfectly. The shoes are comfortable and tighten up nicely.”

  • Available sizes: 6.5 - 15