The Best Fake Eyelashes You Can Buy On Amazon

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In this world, there are false eyelash people, and there are ... not false eyelash people. There is no in between. But among the former population, there’s tons of variation — some prefer a “mascara-but-more” effect from their false lashes; others want to look like a fluffy butterfly settled on their eyelids. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, though, the best fake eyelashes are lightweight, reusable, and should look like real hair, even if the style is dramatic.

“The best way to spot a quality lash is to not spot that it’s fake,” says makeup artist Joanna Simkin, who spoke to Bustle for this article. “Shiny, plastic hairs never, ever look natural." Also, don’t worry too much about finding a pair of lashes that fit your eye exactly, since you can always adjust them as needed. “Always measure the stop against your eye, and cut off any overhang. Nothing looks worse than a too-long strip hanging over the edge of the eye,” Simkin adds.

Hair and makeup artist Millie Morales says that a lightweight feel is the most important factor when choosing a set of falsies you’re actually going to wear. Though she points out the importance of versatility, too. “Make sure that your lashes can be used for different occasions and makeup looks. That way, you can really maximize the use of your lashes,” she tells Bustle.

Assuming you do want to reuse your lashes (which you should!), you’ll need to take proper care of them. Morales suggests cleaning the band with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water after every use (she recommends this one from Garnier), which softens the glue and clears away any lingering bacteria.

Scroll on to shop five of the best fake eyelashes you can get on Amazon, no matter where your preferences fall on the “natural-to-dramatic” spectrum.

1. The Classics

A perennial makeup artist favorite, Ardell Demi Wispies are relatively natural-looking, though their criss-cross design still adds tons of volume. They’re also flared — i.e., longer at the ends, shorter toward the inner corners — to enhance your eyes and give them a bit of a pop. And with a clear, flexible, ultra-thin band, they’re easy to apply (regardless of your skill level), and completely disappear into your lash line, even if you have thinner lashes.

2. Best Natural-Looking Lashes

For another, even more subtle pair of lashes, try these Amazon favorites from Emeda. Like the Ardell Demi Wispies, these flare out at the ends — but these lashes are a bit wispier, and feel lightweight enough to wear all day long. These also have a thin, transparent band that you won’t be able to see or feel. The value is amazing, too — this $10 order comes with 10 pairs of lashes.

3. Best Dramatic Lashes

If you love big lashes and you're not afraid to show it, you need these falsies from Veleasha. All seven styles are pretty much as dramatic as they come: Long, fluffy, overall Jenner-Kardashian-esque. Even though they’re so affordable (you get seven pairs for about $10), Amazon reviewers are impressed with the quality. And many report that they feel surprisingly lightweight, despite the illusion of volume and heft.

4. Best Luxury Lashes

Speaking of Jenner-Kardashian-esque: Kylie Jenner legitimately wears Lilly Lashes, as does virtually every other celebrity in the world. And they are truly the height of luxury. Each strip of Lilly Lashes is handmade using handpicked mink, then strategically stacked onto a single, thin band for a dynamic, three-dimensional effect. The individual lash hairs vary slightly in length, which also lends a “natural” appearance (though these long, voluminous lashes are not subtle). The quality is reflected in the $30 price tag, though the brand claims you can reuse their lashes up to 25 times.

5. Expert's Pick

“When in doubt, I love to use Eylure London Wispy Light 117, since they have a soft, fluttery lash with a thin, flexible band,” Simkin says. These come highly recommended by Amazon reviewers as well, since they’re easy to apply and maintain their shape after several wears. They also strike the right balance between natural and dramatic, so you can wear them for any occasion (or lack thereof).


Joanna Simkin, celebrity makeup artist

Millie Morales, celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist