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A Definitive Guide To The Best Gucci Bags Worth Investing In

From timeless staples to new favorites.

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Gucci is undeniably one of the biggest, most easily-recognizable brands in the world. Founded in 1921, the Italian fashion house’s popularity rocketed in the late ‘40s, with the launch of its famed bamboo-handle bag. The innovative design caught the attention of Hollywood icons and, as a result, Ingrid Bergman soon carried a version in the 1954 film Viaggio in Italia. This appearance arguably sparked Tinseltown’s ardor for Gucci and its luxury bags, creating a ripple efect that has lasted generations.

Style icons like Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana were both fans of the label, each with a particular style they fancied. Princess Diana sported the bamboo handle tote, while Kennedy frequently reached for Gucci’s hobo style. The brand has since reintroduced new variations of both, which the reinvented styles subsequently becoming some of the most covetable within the Gucci’s offerings. Not overly trendy, the bags are well-made and designed with a standout detail, giving each bag a timeless quality.

“Gucci bags are exquisitely crafted with the utmost quality materials,” Landyn Tedrick, Fashionphile's Site Merchandising Specialist, told Bustle. “Although their prices may seem high to a new shopper of luxury goods, Gucci’s quality, reliability, and resale value make their handbags worth the investment.”

To that end, if you’ve been toying with the idea of treating yourself (or someone special) to a Gucci bag, but need help narrowing down the options, I’ve spotlighted some of the best styles on the market. Ahead, everything to know about the GG Marmont, Soho Disco, Attache, and more.


The Jackie 1961

“While most It bags come and go, Gucci’s Jackie is an emblem for timeless fashion,” says Tedrick. The hobo-style bag was originally designed in the 1950s, but didn’t gain true notoriety until the ‘70s, when Jackie Kennedy was snapped using hers to shield herself from paparazzi.

Today, the archival style — which Gucci was quick to rename after the former first lady — retains its classic shape and identifiable piston closure. Former creative director Alessandro Michele added a strap extender to convert the bag into a crossbody and introduced a mini size as well. Today, it’s available in a wide range of colorways, materials, and sizes to suit just about every taste.


The Soho Disco

Tedrick told Bustle that among Fashionphile’s best-selling Gucci bags, the Soho Disco in pebbled calfskin sits at the top of the list. “Featuring a minimal camera bag design with oversized interlocking G embossing, it’s very versatile while still giving that luxury Gucci feel.”

The style is compact — a perfect blend of the micro bag trend with spacious functionality — and features a tassel zipper pull that gives it a subtle ‘70s flare. The candy apple red version will level up any ‘fit, even if you’re just stepping out in sweats.


The Ophidia

Gucci’s Ophidia comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including this deliciously ‘90s version, featuring a gold chain shoulder strap. Offered in blue and brown, it’s distinctively Gucci with an all-over logo pattern and defining double-G hardware. A plus? This Ophidia also includes a blue and red web-style strap extender, so you can wear it as a crossbody, too.


The GG Marmont

Released in 2016, the style boasts a quilted, chevron design with a cheeky heart stamped on the back and a sliding chain strap that allows you to carry it three ways. It’s also offered in multiple colors and size options, as well as in jacquard or wool.

“Featuring the brand’s classic Matelassé stitching and large GG lettering, the GG Marmont Matelassé may be the most recognizable Gucci handbag on the current market,” Tedrick said. “It’s an instant classic.”


The Bamboo 1947

Fans of Old Hollywood glamour will appreciate the Bamboo 1947 Top Handle, inspired by the one Bergman carried in the early 1950s. Available in several sizes and various designs, the bag’s signature curved bamboo handle pays homage to Gucci’s heritage. It’s enhanced by a detachable web strap, making it wearable in multiple ways. Though small in stature, the bag is an undeniable statement piece, available in vibrant colors, including blue, green, and marigold.


The Attache

Debuting at Gucci’s 2021 Love Parade show, it’s defined by a crescent shape, framed by Gucci’s signature Web Stripe and a metal ‘G’ clasp that opens and closes the bag. The ‘G’ hook, in combination with interchangeable straps, allows the wearer to style his or her bag three different ways.

One of 2022’s it bags, the Attache offers up a ‘70s vibe, due to its hobo design. A mutable classic that’s excellent for casual wear, celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez have both been spotted with the roomy style. Wilde has worn the red suede version while J-Lo has sported the bag in ‘GG Supreme’ canvas.


The Diana

Also available in a bevy of sizes and designs, Gucci’s Diana was made popular by the late Princess of Wales, who was seen carrying it on a number of occasions. A departure from Kennedy’s preferred style, this bag features an elegant boxy shape and the aforementioned bamboo handle.

“With the original being associated with Princess Diana’s personal style in the 1990s, the reinvented Diana still holds true as an iconic and timeless handbag,” says Tedrick. Beloved by celebrities, it boasts clean lines and is completed with the brand’s trademark double-G logo.


Horsebit 1955

Introduced in 2020 as a part of the brand’s Cruise line, the Horsebit 1955 bag was reimagined from an archival design. The ring-and-bar design (created to mimic a horse’s bit, hence the name) is one of the house’s most distinctive codes inspired by the equestrian world. You can wear the front-flap bag as a top-handle or carry it with a gold, chain shoulder strap. It’s an elegant heritage style that will stand the test of time.


The Dionysus

“Named after the ancient Greek God of Wine, the Dionysus’ most recognizable feature is the U-shaped, textured, tiger head spur located on the center flap of the bag; symboling the story of Dionysus riding in a carriage led by tigers,” Tedrick explained. Offered in a range of sizes, textiles, and colors, this style is a must for fans of modern fashion themes.


The Blondie

Gucci’s newest design, the Blondie, counts celebrities like Elle Fanning and Dakota Johnson as fans. Inspired by the ‘70s, its defining feature is the rounded, interlocking G hardware. Shoppable in a variety of silhouettes, this version comes with two detachable straps. It’s simple, yet glamorous, and speaks to the brand’s heritage with archival details — you can’t go wrong.