The Best Hair Ties For High Ponytails

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Written by Marissa DeSantis

The only thing worse than losing your emergency hair tie is realizing that the elastic you've been keeping on hand is entirely useless at keeping your hair back and out of your face. As (seemingly) basic as hair elastics are, it can be hard to find one that works just right. Some always seem to be too loose (no matter how many times you manage to wrap it around your hair), while others snap (literally) under pressure. The best hair ties for high ponytails will secure your hair in place for all-day wear without tugging, snagging, or causing damage. Depending on your preference, you can color coordinate your ties to match your hair color, or you can choose something brighter (or embellished) for a bolder statement.

The Main Types Of Hair Ties

The options are endless when it comes to hair ties, but you'll find there are three types that come up over and over again as you shop: elastic, spiral, and satin.

  • Elastic hair ties are the OG choice, and they can work for all hair types. For thinner hair, look for an elastic that doesn't have a lot of give to it and holds its shape so that it will be able to keep fitting tightly around your hair with continued use. Meanwhile, thicker hair types will want a wider band that's more flexible so that it can be wrapped around your ponytail several times. Either way, to minimize damage, it's important to choose an elastic hair tie that has fabric over the elastic and that doesn't contain any metal pieces that can snag on your hair.
  • Spiral hair ties are those coily ties that look like an old-fashioned telephone cord. They tend to be preferred for exercising because the spirals help to lock your hair in place without leaving behind any intense creasing when you take your hair down (you know, the kind that sticks around no matter how much you brush it).
  • Silk hair ties (or satin hair ties) are the least likely to cause damage, as, much like silk pillowcases, they minimize the friction that can contribute to split ends, frizz, and tangles. Because of this, they'll always be the best hair tie choice for overnight use, if you're someone who prefers to sleep with their hair up. While you can certainly use them out running errands or to a Pilates class, they're never going to fit as tightly as a traditional elastic or even a spiral hair tie.

Shop The Best Hair Ties For High Ponytails

In a hurry? Shop the best hair ties for high ponytails:

  1. The Overall Best: Goody Ouchless Elastics
  2. Best For Thick Hair: Burlybands Large Hair Ties
  3. Best Silk Hair Ties: Slip Skinny Scrunchies
  4. Best Spiral Hair Ties: Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties
  5. Best Colorful Hair Ties: L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders

1. The Overall Best

This is your most classic hair tie choice (and perhaps quite similar to the elastic you currently keep on your wrist at all times). Goody Ouchless Elastics come in a pack of 27, so you'll always have some spare hair ties on hand, no matter how prone you are to losing them. I have long, fine hair (but a lot of it), and these are my go-to for high ponytails because they don't slip or leave you with a saggy ponytail after a few hours. Thanks to the brand's Smart Stretch Core technology, the hair ties hold their shape well so that you can get a few month's use (depending on how often you wear your hair up) out of each band before needing to rotate elastics. They also don't contain any metal pieces that snag at your hair.

Relevant Review: “These are my go to [hair ties]. If you wear a ponytail ever and use anything other than there I'm not sure what you could possibly be using. These are the only things you'll ever need. They last long and hardly ever break. I definitely recommend these.”

2. Best For Thick Hair

If traditional hair ties don't cut it for your thick hair, the thicker size of these Burlybands hair ties may be exactly what you need. The larger size and more flexible elastic allows you to wrap these hair ties around your ponytail multiple times for a more secure hold, but the fabric was designed to be durable so that it won't stretch out or break. You can choose from sets that come with three or eight hair ties, as well as color varieties that include black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde to blend seamlessly in with your hair.

Relevant Review: “My daughter and I both have thick hair and our ponytails fall flat with other hair ties. My daughter also needed a hair tie that would hold her hair throughout a gymnastics practice, and these are the best we’ve found. They are comfortable to wear all day; no more ponytail headaches for me!”

  • Available Options: 16

3. Best Silk Hair Ties

I'm a big fan of these Slip Skinny Scrunchies, which use the highest grade mulberry silk to prevent creasing and keep hair healthy and smooth. Because of the silky material, they never feel tight or uncomfortable in your hair, but they still hold a ponytail pretty securely when wrapped around a few times. I find these are best to use at night (and preferably alongside a silk pillowcase) to preserve a blowout and minimize bedhead. But they're also a solid option for tying your hair back while working out without totally wrecking hair that's already been styled. They’re pricey, and they do stretch out over time, but they’re made of pure silk (not satin), look stylish, and are game-changers for damaged or fragile hair.

Relevant Review: "I LOVE these!!!!! I can wrap multiple times for a tighter pony or just twice for a looser one. So cute and well made. Pricey but glad I paid more for the Slip brand”

  • Available Colors: 7

4. Best Spiral Hair Ties

These may not look like your average hair ties, but their coiled design is exactly what makes them an Amazon favorite with more than 40,000 five-star ratings. The waterproof plastic spirals, made by Kitsch, were designed to provide multiple benefits, including preventing tangling and creases. They also more evenly distribute the pressure elastics put on your hair so that they never feel too tight or cause headaches. Effective for both thick and thin hair types, several Amazon reviewers even note that the spiral design helps add volume to thin ponytails.

Relevant Review: “I love how they stretch but when you take them out of your hair, they stretch back. I have thick hair and these kept my ponytail up high and I was even able to use these for a messy bun. My favorite thing about them though is that they don't hurt my head!”

  • Available Colors: 5

5. Best Colorful Hair Ties

Though these L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders come in neutral colors that blend in with your hair, it's the pastel, rainbow, and printed designs that make them a standout. A colorful oval bead adds another decorative touch, but the hair ties are metal-free, so you don't have to worry about accidentally ripping any hair out. Constructed of thicker elastic to really hold hair in place, the hair ties are as effective as they are fun.

Relevant Review: "I bought these for my three daughters, and they were a great buy. They are cute colors, made well, and hold a ponytail tight."

  • Available Colors: 23