The 4 Best Heated Insoles

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia

Keeping toes toasty is no easy feat when temperatures drop, but the best heated insoles can warm you up using battery power, natural heat, or the microwave. Heated insoles usually provide warmth from 30 minutes to up to 10 hours, and the various types of insoles will fit into your shoe differently. With that in mind, your choice will depend on your comfort, heating needs, and budget.

The simplest heated insoles are the microwavable variety that slides into your shoe. These reusable insoles are best for quick walks and errands, as you’ll only get about 30 minutes of warmth. Similarly, disposable insoles and toe warmers are affordable and easy to use, but they usually have an adhesive backing that attaches to your socks rather than just sliding into the shoe. They typically contain iron powder, salt, water, and other elements that release heat when exposed to oxygen. The effect can last for about nine hours, though you won’t have much control over how warm your insoles get. Lastly, rechargeable battery-powered insoles feature built-in electric heating elements that usually create at least six hours of consistent warmth throughout your shoe. And with three or four heat settings, they offer the most control over temperature. Though battery-powered insoles are great for outdoor sports and the coldest climates, they can be bulky, as you’ll need to attach the battery pack to your ankle, and they’re usually the most expensive option.

In addition to choosing insoles that give you the right level of warmth, take a look at the sizes available. Some insoles can be trimmed to perfectly fit your shoes, while others come in a selection of pre-cut sizes.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or just looking to make your shoes cozier, the best heated insoles will generate portable warmth for your feet. I’ve also included a pair of naturally insulated wool insoles that will help your feet stay warm without having to recharge batteries or heat up the insoles before each use. Scroll on for all the options.

1. These Fan-Favorite Disposable Insoles That’ll Work For Up To 9 Hours

Not only do these easy-to-use disposable heated insoles provide long-lasting heat, but they’ve also earned a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 5,000 reviews. To activate, you’ll need to open the package and shake the insoles. Wait 15 to 30 minutes for them to fully heat up. Once hot, you can expect your feet to stay warm for up to nine hours. The insoles have a peel-and-stick design that attaches to the bottom of your socks. However, they only come in one size measuring 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, and trimming is not recommended. You should also avoid getting them wet.

One positive review: “I'm a mail carrier and they keep my feet warm during my 10-12 hour days. I put them on before I leave the house and my feet are usually still warm by the time I get home.”

  • Available sizes: One size; cannot be trimmed

2. A Pair Of Reusable, Microwavable Insoles With About 30 Minutes Of Heat

Perfect for running errands or walking your pooch, these reusable insoles will release warmth for about 30 minutes. To activate, all you’ll need to do is pop them in the microwave for 60 seconds and then slide them into your shoes. They’re hand washable, and though they’re only available in two sizes, you can cut them to size for a better fit.

One positive review: “I live in Michigan and have very cold feet, even if I'm generally warm. I warm these insoles up for 30-40 seconds in the microwave, put them in my slippers and ahhh! They do need to be rewarmed about every 30 minutes, but usually by then I'm dressed, out the door, and not using them any longer. I tried many ways to warm up my cold feet and these are the best. I already purchased a second pair!”

  • Available sizes: 2, both are trimmable

3. These Electric Heated Insoles For Up To 6 Hours Of Warmth

These electric heated insoles have a 7-inch-long heating surface, so you can expect even heat distribution that will keep feet warm for up to six hours. The insoles slide into your shoes and offer four levels of heat to choose from, but since you’ll need to attach the rechargeable battery packs to your legs using the included gaiters, this pick is a bit bulkier than the options above. Though they’re only available in one size, the insoles can be cut to fit shoe sizes between 36 and 47 (men’s and women’s sizes) with guiding lines to cut along printed on each insole. Bonus: The waterproof insoles are machine washable so you can keep them fresh.

One positive review: “Three of us are wrapping up a 10-day ski vacation in Montana where temps have been in the single digits in the morning and increasing to teens to low 20s by the afternoon. These performed wonderfully [...] All three of us wore the batteries inside of our ski pants around our upper calves and none of us were bothered by or even noticed them. Setting the heat to 50% was enough to keep our feet nice and toasty all day. 75% was a little too warm except on the coldest days. All batteries still had a generous reserve after 7 hours and turn themselves off then the cord is removed.”

  • Available sizes: One size, trimmable

4. These Cozy, Rechargeable Insoles With Up To 10 Hours Of Heat

Soft and fuzzy, these cozy heated insoles have a wool-covered heating surface that provides warmth for up to 10 hours. However, the heat does turn off automatically after one hour, so you’ll need to press the power button to continue. The insoles slide into your shoes and the rechargeable batteries can be attached to your legs using the included gaiters. There are three heat settings, and the insoles are also made with a layer of deodorizing bamboo charcoal. The insoles are available in six sizes that cannot be trimmed. And, according to a reviewer, they’re hand washable.

One positive review: “They charge up quite quickly and then you attach the ankle straps and turn on the insoles. Miraculously warm feet in less than 5 minutes. They battery time is spot on as they do last for 9-10 hours which is quite a long time!”

  • Available sizes: Women's 4 - 11.5, Men's 5.5 - 11; cannot be trimmed

Also Great: These Single-Use Toe Warmers

To focus the heat on your toes, you might like these single-use toe warmers that have earned a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 7,000 reviews. To use, just open the individual package, shake the warmer to activate, and wait 15 to 30 minutes for it to heat up. You can expect to get up to eight hours of heat from these small but mighty warmers, though they won’t work if they get wet. They come in one size that can’t be cut down and have a peel-and-stick design that attaches to the bottom of your socks.

One positive review: “These are amazing, stick easy to top of sock and do not bunch up when putting foot into boot. Game changer for COLD weather!”

  • Available sizes: One size; cannot be trimmed

Also Consider: These Insulating Wool Insoles

Though they’re not heated, these wool felt insoles can naturally trap air to help keep your feet warm. They’re available in 10 sizes and can also be cut down for an even better fit. They’re also hand washable and have earned more than 900 perfect five-star ratings.

One positive review: “These wool inserts did just what I wanted: they added much needed warmth to an old pair of Keen boots that are still in great condition but needed newer fuzzy liners. My feet are warm again and don’t sweat (yay wool!)”

  • Available sizes: Women's 5 - 12; Men's 7 - 14; all are trimmable