10 Girl Power-Themed Prints That Will Bring Your Home To Life

A fun way to mark Women’s History Month this March and beyond.

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What we put on our walls can really affect our mood. Whether you like bold wallpaper, impressive artwork, or small, trendy prints, it's nice to decorate plain rooms to add a touch of style and positivity. I love a good print, and especially appreciate designs that celebrate women in all our glory, whether that's subtly, or as bold as can be. These 10 art prints that celebrate women are the perfect way to mark Women’s History Month this month and beyond.

Whether your style is super subtle and understated, or you like bold, vibrant prints, there are options for everybody. I've found some lovely female form prints, along with colourful quotes, and other inspiring illustrations. And you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to decorate your walls, either. In fact, these designs start at just £6, while there are a few pricier pieces thrown in if you like to spend more.

There are also options from great independent stores as well as more well-known brands, which means plenty of opportunities to support local businesses during these challenging times. Keep scrolling to pick out your dream next wall art.

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