These Innovative Korean Shampoos Will Transform Your Hair — & They're All On Amazon

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Over the past few years, Korean beauty products have steadily made their way into makeup bags, medicine cabinets, and big-box beauty stores (hello, Sephora and Ulta!) over here in the Western hemisphere. But for the most part, the most popular Korean cosmetic imports have been limited to makeup and skin care products, while hair care has remained relatively under-the-radar. It's no surprise then that so many Western consumers have yet to experience some of the best Korean shampoos that the country’s cutting-edge beauty industry has to offer.

That’s not because of a lack of great Korean shampoos generally — far from it. Rather, some of the shampoo brands that are staples in Korean stores take a good amount of digging for global beauty lovers to discover. And in some cases, Korean shampoo labels and product descriptions aren’t translated into English, which makes it tough for people who don’t speak Korean to understand exactly what makes these shampoos so amazing.

But once you do land on the right Korean shampoo, you’ll benefit from the same caliber of innovation that brought us our can’t-live-without BB creams, sheet masks, and essences. Many Korean shampoos use a combination of traditional Korean botanicals and modern formulas to target specific needs, like deep conditioning, countering hair loss, and balancing oily scalps. In that way, some of the best Korean shampoos actually mimic treatments, though almost all the Korean shampoos listed here are safe to use every day.

Think of this as a greatest-hits list of the best Korean shampoos out there. While these five picks just scratch the surface of what Korean hair care products have to offer, they’re foolproof ways to switch up your typical hair-care routine — and, even better, they’re easy to find on Amazon.


The Overall Best Korean Shampoo

If you’re looking to swap out your current daily shampoo, opt for the LG Reen Yungo Hair Cleansing Treatment Shampoo. This catch-all product does pretty much everything: It volumizes, cleanses, smoothes, and adds shine to your hair all in one go. The formula includes a blend of traditional Korean herbs, including red ginseng to stimulate hair growth and white mulberry extract to cleanse and nourish your roots. Thanks to that powerhouse combination, this shampoo boasts almost entirely rave reviews from Amazon shoppers with a host of hair types and concerns. It doubles as a treatment, too (hence its name) — one reviewer said it left their hair so soft they didn’t even need to follow it up with conditioner.


The Best Korean Shampoo For Sensitive Scalps

This gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo from Amipure is made solely with ingredients that have been rated as low hazard by the EWG, and it doesn't contain any potentially irritating surfactants (like sulfates) or fragrance, making it a great choice for people with very sensitive scalps. Instead, it uses a patented technology comprising amino acids and polysaccharides to provide a deep cleanse without stripping away moisture or messing with your scalp's pH balance. Also, although this imported product is admittedly pricey, it does come in a huge, 16.9-ounce bottle, so you're getting your money's worth.


The Best Korean Shampoo For Damaged Hair

Using nourishing ingredients like camellia oil, red ginseng, biota seeds, omija (a type of wild berry), and pomegranate, this shampoo/conditioner duo from Ryo — a subsidiary of Amorepacific — works to strengthen hair and reverse damage. Expect softened split ends, increased elasticity (and thus, more body), enhanced shine, and generally smoother, stronger hair. Just note that it does contain sulfates and has a relatively strong scent, so it might not be the best choice if you have an easily irritated scalp.


The Best Korean Shampoo For Hair Loss

If you're dealing with hair that's thinning or weak, give this Village 11 Factory Perfect Day shampoo a try. It works to promote an optimal environment for healthy hair growth using a host of scalp-balancing ingredients, like follicle-unclogging salicylic acid, refreshing menthol, and good-for-hair botanicals like iris, licorice, and mulberry extract. You can expect increased body and volume, too — and since it's sulfate-free, it's a safe choice for people with color-treated hair. This is another Korean shampoo housed in a big, 16.9-ounce bottle, so it should last you a while.


The Best Korean Clarifying Shampoo

Everyone could benefit from regularly giving their hair a clarifying wash — so incorporate this Cypress Deep Cleansing shampoo from clean Korean brand Aromatica into your weekly at-home spa regimen. It works to rid your scalp of all the product buildup and excess oil that might be clogging your follicles and causing things like dandruff, itchiness, or generally dull-looking hair. Key ingredients in this EWG-verified formula include French cypress, pine leaf, and eucalyptus oils, which give this shampoo a woodsy, spa-like scent and invigorating feel. Pro tip: follow it up with the brand's Quinoa Protein Hair Treatment for your best hair ever.