7 Linen Duvet Sets You Can Snag For Under £100

Chic and oh so cosy.

It's a new year, and given the state of things, I think we deserve a little treat. The best reward of all? A good night's sleep. And what do you need for that? Cosy new bedding, of course. Because slipping into bed after a long day of WFH and, let's be honest, dealing with a punishing news cycle, should be nothing short of utterly joyful. With that in mind, here is an edit of the best linen bedding under £100 to buy now.

As covetable as they are comfortable, linen treads that fine line between chic and rustic. Unlike wool or cotton sheets, linen softens with use, and is far more durable. It is practical, too: a natural trans-seasonal sleeping solution. As a temperature-regulating fabric, it is great for those who have a tendency to run hot in the night. As a natural insulator, it will also keep you warm and cosy, should the temperature take a plunge. Plus, it is anti-static and anti-bacterial. Dreamy.

What's more, studies have found that 73% of us sleep better on fresh sheets. (They also found that our romantic lives improve, per the Guardian, but we'll move swiftly on...) Here are seven cheap and chic linen bed sheets worth investing in ASAP.