The 8 Best Low-Rise Jeans On Amazon

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The low-rise jeans of the early aughts are coming back in a big way — and the very best low-rise jeans are stretchy enough to fit snugly at the waistband so that they won’t gape in back. This means that while most jeans are made primarily from cotton, you’re going to want to ensure yours also contain a little elastane (also known as spandex) for added stretch. Low-rise jeans can sit 2 inches or more below the belly button and are typically considered to have a rise of 7 to 8 inches in front (measuring from the top of the waistband to where the legs separate out), but all bodies are different, and clothes will fit differently on everyone. Factors like the cut and the stretchiness of the jeans can also influence how they sit on your body. When you’re looking for your ideal pair, you can certainly keep an eye out for any measurements regarding the jeans’ front rise (and use those to estimate where the waistband might fall on your body), but it may take some trial and error to find what’s actually perfectly low-rise for you.

Like any pants, low-rise jeans come in a number of different styles to suit every preference. Skinny jeans provide a close, tight fit that can look polished, while more relaxed or boyfriend-style options are slouchy and casual, especially with details like distressing. A bootcut or flared leg can add some retro appeal, and fun colors, stripes, or patterns can add their own flair. Low-rise jeans come in a number of different lengths as well, so look for the one that suits you best, whether you like to wear them cropped or long.

Whatever you’re looking for in a pair of the best low-rise jeans, I’ve got you covered. All of the jeans below are stretchy enough to get the right fit, and there are a ton of different styles to choose from. Just as importantly, reviewers on Amazon think they’re incredible and comfortable.

1. A Pair Of Low-Rise Bootcut Jeans

Fitted through the hip and thigh before flaring into a bootcut, these low-rise jeans from Silver Jeans Co. are truly reminiscent of the aughts, if a little more restrained when it comes to the flare. The jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane for some stretch, which makes it easier to get a snug fit that won’t ride down in back when you sit. And with a front rise of 7.75 inches, they truly should be low-rise on most people. The fabric is machine washable, and some Amazon reviewers suggest sizing up to get the perfect fit.

Reviewers approve of these jeans, giving them an overall rating of 4.1 stars and more than 1,500 reviews. Choose from six different colors and styles in light to dark washes, with or without distressing or contrast stitching — and from two different lengths as well.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I LOVE these jeans!! They are soft. They sit at my hip. The pockets are in the correct spot on my bum [...] They are jeans I will LIVE in! Thank you thank you for making these jeans so perfect!! You have no idea how long I've looked and how many pair of jeans I've tried on. Do yourself a favor and buy the best jeans you'll ever own!! [...] I'm definitely ordering more pairs right this instant!!”

  • Available sizes: 22W x 31L — 36W x 33L

2. A Pair Of Cropped & Distressed Low-Rise Jeans

If you like your jeans fitted, cropped, and artfully ripped, this pair from Cover Girl is going to be your new favorite. It comes in five colors, including two light washes, one dark wash, white, and pale pink, all of which have the cool, casual vibe that comes with being destroyed and cropped (they have a 25-inch inseam). They’re made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex for some very necessary stretch.

While Cover Girl doesn’t specify exactly how low a rise you can expect from this pair, the Amazon seller notes that they have a rise around 8 inches. They’re also machine washable.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Super cute, nice material, good fit, not too long for a cropped ankle pant. Waist does not have weird gap at the back of the butt.”

  • Available sizes: 1 — 24 Plus

3. A Classic Pair Of Low-Rise Skinny Jeans

With an 8-inch rise, these skinny jeans from HUDSON are firmly in the category of low-rise, though they’ll fit every body differently. They’re designed to give you a close fit and hit right at the ankle, depending on the length of your legs. And since they’re made from a blend of cotton, elastane, modal, and elastomultiester (that’s a stretchy polyester), they should be easy to move in without any gaping in back.

The jeans are machine washable, though the manufacturer recommends using the cold cycle and hanging or tumble drying on low. They come in more than 10 different light and dark blue washes, with various distressing details, as well as in gray, waxed burgundy, and a brown camo print.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “They have stretch... lots of it. Whether you like jeans with stretch or dislike them... these have it. I love them.”

  • Available sizes: 23 — 34

4. A Pair Of Low-Rise Boyfriend Jeans

With a 4.3-star overall rating on Amazon from more than 900 (and growing!) reviews, it’s safe to say that these boyfriend-style jeans are a hit. They boast a more relaxed fit, which means that even though they have an 8.75-inch rise in front, they may fit a bit lower on some bodies. And since the rise is significantly higher in back, you’re unlikely to experience any issues with them riding down.

Made from 99% cotton and 1% spandex, these jeans have just a hint of stretch, and may be a nice option if you don’t like your jeans to feel super stretchy. You can wear them cuffed or rolled down, and they come in six different shades of blue.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Rise sits slightly above or at hips ( which I like ) [...] Fit is PERFECT! Not too tight, not too loose. Jeans well constructed, quality material, denim not Stiff, more soft. [...] Absolutely love these jeans, own 3 Pairs of Catherine Boyfriend[.] Plan on purchasing more.”

  • Available sizes: 0 — 16

5. A Pair Of Low-Rise Skinny Jeans That Come In 3 Lengths

No matter how long you like to wear your jeans, this low-rise option from Lucky Brand has got you covered, since you can choose between 27-, 29-, and 31-inch long pairs. They also come in a bunch of colors, including a bunch of blue washes, but also black, washed black, and bright red. Optional details like a floral pattern or distressing also keep things interesting.

The jeans have an 8-inch front rise and are made from a blend of cotton, Tencel, and polyester, with 4% elastane to keep them ultra-stretchy. Not only is this great for getting a close fit around the waist, but it also helps the jeans move with you, since they’re totally fitted from top to bottom. You probably won’t want to take them off, but when you do, these jeans are machine washable.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I have trouble finding jeans that fit in the hips and don’t gap at the waist. These are perfect and so comfortable to wear. I don’t have to pull them up constantly or wrestle with a belt.”

  • Available sizes: 24 — 35 (27, 29, and 31 inches long)

6. A Budget-Friendly Pair Of Low-Rise Jeans With Racing Stripes

If you like a fun racing stripe, this pair of low-rise jeans comes in two styles with stripes down the sides, in addition to black, olive green, navy blue, and dark and light blue washes. Each pair is machine washable and has a tapered fit that hugs your body, but they’re stretchy enough to feel comfortable, with fabric made from 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex.

While these jeans are labeled as low-rise, the amount of rise varies depending on which size you wear. Sizes one through 12 have rises between 7 and 9 inches, but the other sizes offer rises up to 12 inches. Of course, rises will fit differently on each body. No matter which pair you pick, they’re all less than $40.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “They fit good, they are stretchy but they keep their shape all day”

  • Available sizes: 1 — 24 Plus

7. A Pair Of Low-Rise Bootcut Jeans With A Relaxed Fit

These Wrangler jeans might be intended for full-coverage comfort on horseback, but they’re also a truly great option for anyone who wants a low-rise pair with a super comfortable, relaxed fit and a boot cut. And because they’re riding jeans, Wrangler paid extra attention to eliminating any pesky waistband gaps by making the rise higher in back and ensuring adequate stretch, thanks to a cotton and polyester blend with 1% spandex. Amazon reviewers report that the fabric and fit make the jeans super comfortable and easy to move in.

Wrangler doesn’t specify how high the rise these jeans actually have, other than to suggest they are low-rise and designed to fit “above the hip,” but reviewers confirm they’re low-rise but “not hip hugger low.” The jeans are machine washable and come in five different shades of blue.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Supple strong Denim. Beautiful Blue Western stitch that is modern, not over done. And the LOW RISE is what I need because of my feminine curves, and I am an athlete. I do not like the feel a waist band around my belly button, or even mid rise. This gives me freedom to breathe and move”

  • Available sizes: 0W x 34L — 19W x 34L

8. A Popular Pair Of Capri-Length Low-Rise Jeans

With an overall rating of 4 stars on Amazon, from a whopping 3,800-plus reviews, and a price tag of less than $30 for any color, it’s hard to go wrong with these low-rise denim capris. They come in a ton of colors, ranging from bring pink, green, and red to classic indigo. There’s even a blue-and-white-striped option. The fabric is made from 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex, so they have just the right amount of stretch despite their tighter fit. And while Hybrid & Company doesn’t confirm the rise of these jeans, Amazon users report that they are “definitely low rise.” The jeans are also machine washable, which is very important considering how often you’ll want to wear them.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “My favorite pair of capris, I have them in white and light faded blue, material is super comfortable with just enough stretch, I don't like anything touching my belly button and these fit just right above the hips but not so low my butt shows when i bend over, trying to order a few more pairs after i post this...”

  • Available sizes: 1 — 24 Plus

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