The 15 Best Nail Stickers

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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Nail stickers offer a super-easy way to create salon-worthy manicures at home, and there are tons of affordable options on Amazon. The best nail stickers take the hard work out of nail art, and when applied correctly, they’ll last for days (or even weeks!) without chipping — which is something that can’t always be said for regular nail polish.

There are two types of nail stickers: wraps and decals. Both types are self-adhesive and easy to apply, so your choice depends on what kind of design you’re looking for. Wraps cover the whole nail and they’re available in solid colors or feature eye-catching designs. In some cases, nail wraps are made from semi-cured gel and finished with a UV nail lamp for extra long-lasting wear.

On other other hand, decals are smaller, adding fun details — like stars or flowers — to an already manicured nail. Most decals are self-adhesive, but you’ll also see water transfer decals when browsing on Amazon. Some at-home manicurists find water transfer decals harder to apply, so I’ve only included self-adhesive options on this list. And whether you prefer nail wraps or decals, it helps to seal your manicure with a protective top coat.

From edgy to sweet to minimalist, the best nail stickers have designs for every personality. Find your favorites below.


These Gorgeous Marble Nail Wraps

Want an intricate, elegant manicure in a hurry? These marble nail wraps are a gorgeous option that’ll make it look like you spent hours getting your nails done, and the set includes various designs in a range of eye-catching colors. You’ll get 12 sheets per order, each with 14 stickers, and there are five marble sets to choose from within the listing. The brand also offers a simple solid set.

According to a fan: “I am really enjoying these nail stickers. This is my third set I’ve applied and I feel like I’m really getting the hang of it. They last almost a full week with some chipping around the edges [...].”


A Set Of Glittering Stars In Lots Of Colors

With this set of star nail decals, you’ll get 10 sheets of glittery stickers in 10 colors, including silver, pink, and black. Each sheet includes dozens of 3D matte stars in various sizes, so you can customize each nail with your own sparkly celestial design.

According to a fan: “These star nail stickers worked great! Came in [a lot] of different colors, stuck great to the nail. As comes in with all nail stickers they are thin and if you are rough with them they will break. Just go slow and be patient and they'll work great! [...]”


These Butterfly Nail Decals That Are So ‘90s

The butterfly fashion trend is back in a big way, and this set of holographic butterfly nail decals is perfect for a ‘90s-inspired manicure. The set includes 12 sheets of stickers in an array of styles and bright colors, from shimmery metallics to vibrant blues and pinks.

According to a fan: “This is a great selection at a great price. With a good tweezers very easy to apply. Add a gel top coat and the product easily lasts as long as the manicure. Well worth it!”


A Set Of Gel Wraps Available In So Many Colors

These semi-cured gel wraps are easy to apply and have great staying power, though you’ll need to finish curing them with a UV nail lamp (sold separately). You’ll get 20 nail stickers in different sizes with each set, and in addition to the fresh mint green color featured above, the gel wraps come in 18 colors, like cantaloupe, wasabi, and scarlet.

According to a fan: “Have had the nail strips on for 3 weeks and no chips or peeling. First time using nail strips and I am impressed. Easy to apply and they look great. Did a bunch of yard work with them on and expected to see some scratches at the very least but that’s not the case at all. Awesome product!”


These Delicate Daisy Nail Decals

This on-trend nail sticker set includes hundreds of delicate daisies, dandelions, and sunflowers. The 12 sheets are full of flowers of every size and petal count, and even some daisy chains. The floral designs are perfect for spring, or anytime you’re in the mood for a cheerful mani.

According to a fan: “You have to use tweezers to remove and apply these, but they look so cute. Once applied, they don’t budge. I loved the variety of flowers, though I bought them mostly for the daisies.”


This Set Of Cheerful Nail Stickers

Full of polka dots, rainbows, stripes, and bright colors, these nail wraps will certainly put a smile on your face. There are also squiggles, bright stripes, and sweet strawberries. The set includes six sheets, each with 14 stickers in various sizes to fit different nail beds.

According to a fan: “This was my first time applying the nail stickers so I watched 2 short YouTube clips for applying. It was simple and will definitely save me money and prevent nail damage from acrylic & gel manicures. You can mix and match designs because they are all color coordinated. So far they have been on for a week. I have received compliments and will purchase again.”


This Set Of Graffiti-Inspired Decals

This graffiti-inspired nail decal set includes splashes of color and abstract line drawings of portraits, fruits, and flora. You can create a themed mani or mix and match several designs to create a one-of-a-kind artwork of your own. The set includes six sheets of decals.

According to a fan: “I use these with regular polish, not gel. They will stay fully secured with 2-3 coats of top polish. They also come off easily with a good polish remover.”


These Nail Wraps With Vintage Floral Prints

Each sheet in this 12-pack of nail wraps has a different floral pattern that looks like a sweet vintage print. Plus, the brand offers an additional two options: one set full of floral designs on a black background and another featuring abstract botanical prints. Each pack of nail stickers comes with a glass nail file, and each sheet includes 14 stickers of various sizes.

According to a fan: “Thinner than gel wraps, but super easy to apply and file off excess. I did a base coat, nail wrap, top coat. They lasted about a week or 10 days. I’m on my second set. Would recommend them! If you keep a good top coat, they should last really well.”


These Super Colorful Rainbow Gel Wraps

For a long-lasting, super colorful manicure, you can’t go wrong with these rainbow gel nail strips. The semi-cured nail wraps are finished with a UV nail lamp that extends the life of your manicure. You’ll get 20 stickers in each set, and in addition to this rainbow design, you can choose from 22 other styles, including solid colors, leopard print, glitter, and marble.

According to a fan: “[...] These gels are easily stretched to fit nail, easy to contour and cure just as durable as gel. Mine have been on and still going strong at 14 days! [...]”


These Shimmery Cat Eye Wraps

The nail stickers in this set have a shimmery cat eye design that looks so glam. You’ll get 16 sheets of stickers in different colors, including shades of green, blue, red, and pink. Each sheet has 12 stickers, and the brand makes holiday-themed sets as well, including ones for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You’ll also get three nail files with each purchase.

According to a fan: “I love these! They go on smooth and stay on until I take them off. I truly recommend these. I peel them off with the assistance of cuticle oil or olive oil and they do not damage the nail bed.”


These Nail Stickers In Chic Black & White Colorblocking

This set of black and white nail wraps includes 16 sheets of stickers featuring animal prints, stars, checkered designs, and more. Each design also has a bit of sparkle that ups the glam factor. What’s more, the set also includes a pair of tweezers to make the application easier.

According to a fan: “I absolutely love the design of these nail stickers. They are extremely easy to put on and I love the variations! I will be buying again! [...]”


A Set Of Colorful Nail Wraps For Toes

Give yourself a bright, cheerful pedicure with these nail polish wraps for toes. The set includes a whopping 40 sheets of nail stickers in every color, including glittery options, plaids and stripes, and animal and geometric prints. Each sheet has 22 stickers in sizes to match every toe, and the brand offers two other chic and colorful styles with more fun prints.

According to a fan: “I've always loved a good pedicure. Painting my toenails had been something I enjoy. But getting intricate details is hard for this non-expert. I got this sticker set and am having such fun with the different designs! It comes with everything needed and plenty to change out as often as I'd like. I highly recommend buying these.”


A Collection Of Holiday-Ready Wraps In Fun Colors And Prints

This set of nail wraps is made with real nail polish comes with 16 sheets of cute and colorful stickers. The designs include solid shades of green, purple, blue, red, and pink. There are also glittery golden accents, polka dots, stripes, and even botanical motifs. There are 14 stickers per sheet, and the brand also offers glow-in-the-dark Halloween nail decals, glittery red nail wraps, and more. Each set comes with a small nail file.

According to a fan: “[...] they are easy to use cause you can adjust them a few times to get them placed correctly. I love how stretchy and easy to apply they are [...].”


These Stickers That Will Get You Vacation Ready

With more than 1,000 decals, this set of summer-themed nail stickers will remind you of everything you love about vacations. The set includes 12 sheets of stickers with lots of tropical flowers, seashells, flamingos, and summer fruits. There’s even a sheet of nautical-themed stickers that will have you longing for the sea.

According to a fan: “[...] I just put them over my gel coat and nails with nothing on top of them and they have lasted through showers, workouts and gardening. They are amazing.”


These Silver & Gold Metallic Nail Decals

These metallic nail stickers include hundreds of constellations, stars, moons, line grids, and more in shiny silver and gold. The set includes 12 sheets of decals in different sizes, making it easy to create a luxe look on every nail.

According to a fan: “Easy to apply and very cute. They lasted over a week and would have lasted longer if I didn’t [decide] to change my manicure. I applied two coats of topcoat to really seal them in.”