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5 Of Princess Diana's Best Revenge Looks

According to Eloise Moran, who has spent years studying Diana's style.

Brendan Beirne, Tim Rooke, Times Newspapers/Shutterstock, Tim Graham/Getty Images

Revenge. Is there anything sweeter? And when dished up in the tailored form of a LBD? Absolutely iconic. The late Diana, Princess of Wales was – and arguably remains – the queen of the revenge look. And if you have any doubt, just take a look at @ladydirevengelooks, the cult instagram account dedicated to Lady Di’s sassiest post-divorce looks.

Created by Eloise Moran, @ladydirevengelooks charts Diana's style and the empowering undercurrent her fashion choices evoke. As in life, Diana's ineffable magnetism and enduring appeal comes from how real she was: wether dressed in couture, or hitting the gym; visiting a school, or attending a stately dinner. "She's the ultimate feminist," says Moran.

Putting that all aside though, just what are Diana's best revenge looks? The most obvious is The (OG) Revenge Dress: a show-stopping, off-the-shoulder mini dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, worn by Diana to attend a fundraiser in 1994. Revenge comes not just from how amazing she looked in the frock, but in the message behind it. Diana hadn't planned on attending the event until it was revealed that Prince Charles' documentary – where he confessed on national television that he had been unfaithful in their marriage – was airing that night. By showing up in that dress, Diana relegated Charles' confession to a mere footnote and shone brightly from every front page. The message clearly is one of power, rebellion, and rebirth.

There's plenty of other ensembles that are worth noting, too. Here, Moran shares her favourite Princess Diana revenge looks.


Iconic Casual

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"This sweatshirt and carpenter pants look holds a special place in my heart. I spent seven years living in New York and this reminds me of the kind of looks I'd see worn by the cool girls of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. The pink Converse, the headscarf, and pie-crust collar are dreamy finishing details to this iconic casual look."


Gym Star

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"There's so much to say about this wildly popular look. The Harvard oversized mock-neck in heather grey paired, with the white cycling shorts, and black headband show off Diana's signature athleisure style. 20 years later and it still looks as fresh as it did when she wore it. It's no surprise that so many celebs are recreating this look today. I also love her perfect blow dry... Must have been pre-work out."


The Versace LWD

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"This Versace LWD does all the talking here. It's the perfect '90s minimalist cut and looks glorious against her sun-kissed skin and red manicure. Note the missing wedding ring. I couldn't think of a more ruthless revenge outfit. #FyouCC"


The Anti-Establishment Coat

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"If I had to pick one favourite, this would possibly be it. Though it feels akin to picking a favourite child: just wrong. But Diana was a huge fan of this red tailored coat, and I love how she styled it chunky white sneakers, Versace shades, and a classic black handbag. Her messy hair and bare legs are the perfect finishing touch to this anti-establishment, effortless look."


The Leather Look

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"One of her earlier business-casual looks, Diana wore this look in 1987. I love how minimalistic it is. The brown leather pants look like old-school Max Mara, or the kind of thing you'd see in a collection by The Row or Bottega Veneta today."