The 12 Best Silk Hair Ties For Hair-Friendly Styles

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by Alexa Vazquez

Between deep conditioning treatments, hair masks, and frequent trims, there’s a lot we can do to keep our hair healthy. But there’s one small detail you may be overlooking in your daily hair-care routine — using elastic hair accessories, which can pull at your hair, create dents, and cause breakage. Instead, give one of the best silk hair ties a try. Made of either 100% silk or silk-like satin, these scrunchies, scarves, headbands, and bonnets can help prevent breakage and stave off unwanted frizz, and they won’t dent fine or fragile hair.

The Benefits Of Using Silk Hair Ties

Silk can benefit your hair in a few ways. The smooth surface minimizes friction, which in turn can prevent unwanted frizz and split ends; and the fabric won’t absorb the natural oils your hair needs to stay nourished and hydrated. Plus, silk hair ties are typically free of metal pieces that can snag loose ends, and they’ll smooth over the hair rather than pull it to prevent breakage.

How To Shop For The Best Silk Hair Ties

To identify the best silk, you’ll want to look out for the term mulberry (the highest-quality silk comes from silkworms that feed on mulberry trees). You’ll also come across the term momme, which refers to the density of the silk. Momme weight typically ranges between 19 and 25; and the higher the momme count, the better the quality. A lower momme count may be slightly less durable, but it’s also more affordable.

While silk is most desirable, it can be pricey; however, satin can offer similar benefits without the hefty price tag. Satin isn’t a fabric — instead, it’s a combination of textiles (think polyester and other manmade fabrics) that are woven to create a lustrous and elastic product. And while it may not seem as luxe as silk, good satin can look and feel very similar to silk, and can offer your hair the same kind of protection as silk.

There are tons of silk (and satin) hair accessories to choose from, whether it’s a scrunchie, a headscarf, or a bonnet. Whatever style you’re after, the 12 best silk hair ties are gentle on even the most fragile hair, and add a hint of luxury to your daily routine.


This Cult-Favorite Scrunchie Made Of 100% Mulberry Silk

With over 4,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, shoppers are obsessed with this elegant silk scrunchie from LilySilk. It’s made from pure 19-momme mulberry silk, which gives it a super-smooth feel that won’t tug at your hair, as well as a lustrous shine. Beneath the silk is a stretchy elastic that expands from four to eight inches to keep hairstyles securely in place, no matter what type of hair you have. It’s durable and machine washable on the gentle cycle, so one scrunchie will last you quite a while. Choose from 16 single colors, or pick up a pack of five, seven, or 15 scrunchies.

  • Available colors: 16


This Head Wrap Made of 100% Mulberry Silk

Scrunchies aren’t the only silk or satin hair accessories on offer. Made of 100% 19-momme mulberry silk, this headscarf is ideal for all hair types, but it can be especially beneficial for covering damaged hair or maintaining hairstyles while you sleep, as the smooth silk covering can help protect your hair from friction and further damage. Measuring 36 square inches, this scarf works for short and long hair alike; simply wrap it around your forehead and knot it at the back.

  • Available colors: 2


A Satin Head Scarf You Can Use Multiple Ways

This satin headscarf is a great, less expensive alternative to the pure silk headscarf above, and it can be worn a number of ways. Made of lightweight polyester satin and measuring 35 by 35 inches, the styling possibilities are endless — tie it as a headband, turban, bandana, or wrap your hair in it while you sleep to maintain hairstyles overnight. Of course, you can wear it as an accessory, too, whether wrapped around your neck, adorning the handle of your purse, or even as a top. Plus, it comes in an impressive array of prints to match your mood.

  • Available colors: 45


A Satin Scrunchie Multi-Pack That Includes A Whopping 60 Colors

Hair ties are arguably one of the easiest items to misplace; but with this 60-piece set of scrunchies, you’ll always have one on hand. Put one in your bag, your car, or your desk so you can tie up your hair whenever you need it while keeping it protected against unwanted frizz, breakage, and creasing. These are made of matte-finish satin wrapped around a durable elastic to keep your hairstyle secure. Each scrunchie comes in a different color, so whether you’re looking for neon green, aqua, or neutral beige, there will always be one to match perfectly with your outfit.

  • Available colors: 1


This Surprisingly Budget-Friendly Scrunchie Made of 100% Silk

Pure silk products tend to be pricey because of the high-quality fabric and production, so at $6 (or less, depending on the color you choose), this 100% silk scrunchie is an absolute steal. Made from 19-momme mulberry silk, this budget-friendly option along with the material’s signature buttery-soft feel. “I have hair past my bum, so I usually have to tie it up pretty tight to get it to stay. With this scrunchie, I can keep it loose enough to not hurt my head or pull my hair too tight, and it stays put,” raved one reviewer.

  • Available colors: 7


This 6-Pack Of Pure Silk Scrunchies That Feels So Luxe

Embrace your bougie side with this six-pack set of thin scrunchies from Fishers Finery. These luxurious hair ties are made of impressively high 25-momme mulberry silk, making it extra durable. These smaller scrunchies are ideal for those with thinner or finer hair, since they’re less bulky than some of their counterparts. “Love these!! They are the perfect size for shorter hair and they don’t pull at my scalp like other hair ties,” one reviewer gushed.

  • Available colors: 2


A Silk Scrunchie With Matching Ribbon

Elevate your hairstyle with this chic silk set from Slip. It comes with a luxurious scrunchie and matching ribbon, both made of pure, 22-momme mulberry silk. Shiny, soft, and durable, this duo is designed to prevent hair creasing and be extra gentle on the hair (and give your ponytail an Ariana Grande-inspired spin). You can wear the mid-sized scrunchie and ribbon together or separately, and the set comes in a cute selection of colors and patterns, like rich caramel (pictured), nautical navy stripes, and a soft pink leopard print.

  • Available colors: 8


This 12-Pack Of Satin Scrunchies In An Assortment of Sizes

This set of 24 satin scrunchies includes two sizes and six neutral shades, so you can find what fits your hairstyle (and your outfit) best on any day. The larger size scrunchie is approximately 3.54 inches in diameter and is ideal for tying up thick, curly hair or securing ponytails and buns. The smaller option measures about 2.36 inches in diameter, and works well for thinner hair, half-up/half-down hairstyles, or simply holding back smaller sections while styling your hair. The soft satin material is made of polyester.

  • Available colors: 3


This Satin Hair Scarf That’s Perfect For Laying Your Edges

There’s nothing more annoying than a hair accessory that won’t stay put, which is why this nonslip scarf is ideal for wearing all day or night. Made of super-soft satin, this scarf measures 4.5 inches wide and 54 inches long and has no elastic, which means you can tie it tightly without fear of it loosening or denting your hair. Try wrapping it across your forehead, looping it around, and tying at the front to help set a freshly installed lace front wig, lay your edges, protect baby hairs, maintain hairstyles overnight, or simply wear it as a luxe headband. If the band is too thick for you, the fabric is wide enough that you can fold it in half for a more comfortable fit.

  • Available colors: 7


A Large Satin Scrunchie For Thick Or Curly Hair

If you have lots of thick or curly hair, it can be hard to find a hair tie that will keep it all in place for long periods of time — but with this jumbo-sized scrunchie from Scunci, that won’t be a problem. Measuring 5 inches across, this extra-puffy piece is the brand’s “biggest scrunchie ever,” and made of a silk-like satin composed of durable nylon that slips off seamlessly without pulling at your strands. Whether you’re looking to achieve a slicked-back ponytail or a loose top-knot, this jumbo scrunchie will ensure that your hairstyle stays in place — and it makes a style statement, to boot. And the $5 price tag can’t be beat.

  • Available colors: 1


A Satin Sleeping Bonnet For Long Hair & Protective Hairstyles

Satin bonnets are the ultimate line of defense against hair damage that can occur while you sleep; but if you have very long hair, smaller bonnets simply won’t cut it, so this extra-long bonnet may be exactly what you need. It’s designed to hold voluminous, natural, or curly hair, as well as box braids, dreadlocks, weaves, hair extensions, and up-dos. Both the inside and outside of the bonnet are made of smooth, breathable satin, and it’s double-lined for durability. The elastic band is soft and wide so it won’t leave behind marks on your forehead, or slip off while you sleep. “I have long, thick, 3B type hair, length is [past] my butt. [...] All of my hair fits inside comfortably,” one reviewer reported, while another confirmed that it accommodated their 18-inch braids — and loved the “2nd layer of satin inside to help protect my delicate strands.”

  • Available colors: 27


This Satin-Lined Sleep Bonnet You Can Wear As A Beanie

If you’re looking for a bonnet that’s a little more compact, this sleep cap from Grace Eleyae is a great option. It measures almost 11 inches in length, and the elastic band stretches from 21 to 28 inches. The outer layer is made of a soft, stretchy blend of rayon and elastane, while the inside is lined with non-abrasive charmeuse satin that helps maintain hairstyles overnight. (Pro tip: You can also use it to lock in an overnight hair conditioning treatment.) Designed for all hair types and textures, this comfy cap can even be worn during the day as a stylish alternative to your typical knit beanie.

  • Available colors: 3