The 3 Best Hair Ties To Prevent Breakage

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As Benjamin Franklin once said, nothing is certain in this world other than death, taxes, and that hair tie on your wrist (kidding, of course). But as much as we can’t live without them, hair ties can also be harbingers of destruction. (Also kind of like death and taxes.) Using the wrong kind of hair tie can leave your hair dented, snagged, and broken — and too-tight holds with elastic hair ties are really bad for your hair, which can cause headaches, balding, and receding hairlines — all of which the best hair ties to prevent breakage will definitely not do.

Elastic hair ties that won't cause damage are always coated, since exposing hair to pure elastic is a hard no. And as a general rule, the smoother the coating, the less it’ll snag, so silk hair ties or scrunchies are ideal for people with damaged, thin, or fragile hair. If you’re after a strong but safe hold, go for a band with a grippable coating. But nix the metal clasp, which can catch, and eventually pull out, stray strands.

People with curly hair might opt for a bungee or snap-closure band that won’t dent tight curl patterns. In fact, people with all hair types might want to steer clear of traditional elastic bands entirely, and instead go for telephone-cord spiral ties that leave no dents or damage to speak of.

Here, I'll run you through three of the best hair ties to prevent breakage, depending on your hair type. Now you can stop worrying about damaging your hair, and maybe start worrying about getting your taxes in order.


The Overall Best Hair Ties To Prevent Damage

Even after my hair’s been tied up for hours, these Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties leave just a barely perceptible dent in my fine hair; but since the grip is so gentle, that crease shakes out with a few brushes. Just two loops keeps hair secure enough for a workout, too. And unlike elastic bands — even the really good ones — these spiral ties don’t inflict the dreaded (and very real) ponytail headache. Also, spiral ties look like an intentional accessory when you stack them with other bracelets on your wrist. Just saying!


The Best Hair Ties For Curly Or Natural Hair

Designed specifically for people with curly hair, natural hair, or dreadlocks, the Snappee Snap-Off Hair Ties are elastic-free baubles that you wrap and snap around your hair, so you can adjust the tightness as needed (you can also snap a few together to make a headband). And since they’re coated in a soft, stretchy material, they won’t snag. At $25 for a pack of five, Snappee hair ties are a little pricey; but they’re super durable and machine washable, so you’ll get more use out of them than your typical drugstore hair elastic.


The Best Hair Ties For Thin Or Fragile Hair

You may have heard that sleeping on silk pillowcases is one of the gentlest (and luxurious) ways to treat your hair overnight, especially if it’s prone to tangling and breakage. So it follows that using a silk hair tie or scrunchie, like this LilySilk Silk Charmeuse Scrunchy, is also one of the gentlest (and, yes, most luxurious) ways to tie up thin, fragile hair. Since silk is so slippery, there’s no chance of snagging, and denting is minimal or nonexistent. That said, scrunchies are definitely an acquired taste. If you’re looking for a hair tie with a little less “look,” go for a ribbon elastic, which is equally gentle on fine hair.

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