The 10 Best Temporary Tattoos — & They Look So Real

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For the look of a tattoo without the pain or permanence, the best temporary tattoos are an easy-to-use choice that doesn’t require aftercare. To choose the ideal temporary tattoo for you, start with your aesthetic preferences. Do you want an image with blue or black ink, or a full-blown colorful tat? And what kind of design most aligns with your personal taste? Amazon is full of options ranging from minimalist shapes to pretty floral picks, intricate animal designs to inspirational quotes and nearly everything imaginable in between — so let yourself dream big! If you are considering getting a permanent tattoo but want to test out the placement or design beforehand, check out the last pick on this list: a bottle of temporary ink that can be used to create any custom design you please.

Beyond aesthetics, the best picks are all simple to apply (most can be put on in minutes with the help of a damp towel or sponge), waterproof, and long-lasting on the skin. But while all these options are temporary, some last a few days while others can last weeks, so make sure the one you choose has a longevity that you’re happy with.

Also think about the spot on your body that you’d like to place the temporary tattoo and select a tattoo size that makes sense for that part of your body (and the amount of movement in that part). Temporary tattoos are available in many different sizes, ranging from teeny tiny options for a dainty look all the way to extra-large picks that’ll make a major statement. And some options are even designed specifically to fit perfectly on certain areas of your body, like your arm, hand, or face.

For a little added pizzazz, be on the lookout for temporary tattoos with some fun features like the ability to glow under a black light or a metallic finish that’ll pop. Some picks even have a watercolor-like look on the skin. These 10 temporary tattoos will look seriously amazing on the skin, and, best of all, no needle required!

1. A Set Of Temporary Tattoos With Nature-Inspired Designs

With moons, mountains, trees, ocean waves, and wildlife, this set of temporary tattoos is full of beautiful, nature-inspired designs. The 22 sheets of tattoos all feature a similar style of black line drawings, but there’s enough variation to appeal to just about everyone. All of the temporary tattoos are nontoxic, waterproof, and small enough to place pretty much anywhere.

These temporary tattoos are easy to apply with a damp paper towel, and should last two to five days, though, according to one Amazon reviewer, “they look very good for up to 5 days, and can last like another week if you take care of them.” Removal is fairly simple when you’re ready for it — just rub the tattoo with baby oil, and it should come right off.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I am pleased to say that these tattoos are the best I've ever seen. For the price you pay, you get about 20 different tattoos, all high quality, all super strong and defined. I've been wearing one for about four days now and it hasn't faded, chipped, or really moved at all. I've swam in a pool, taken countless showers, and it's staying on. I swear by these. They're great for the price, and they really do stick better than any of the other tattoos I've tried. 10/10. Won't ever buy from anywhere else.”

2. These Vintage-Style Temporary Tattoos

Try out a truly classic tattoo style (temporarily, of course) with these vintage-inspired tattoos. The collection comes with nine sheets of temporary tats featuring cool and classic designs like anchors, hearts, roses, swallows, and eyes. The nontoxic tattoos come in a range of different sizes. According to one reviewer, “They go on super easy and even the shading in the pieces look nice.” They’re also waterproof, and the brand suggests that they should last for three to five days. To remove them, you can use rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or makeup remover.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are so cool, realistic, and beautifully colored.”

3. A Watercolor-Style Pack Of Floral Temporary Tattoos

Between the watercolor look and lovely floral designs, these temporary tattoos are a true showstopper. And Amazon reviewers agree, giving this pick a solid 4.5-star rating overall, after more than 1,900 reviews. This pick comes with 12 sheets of temporary tattoos, each of which has one to four flowers in various designs and sizes, though they’re all quite dainty overall. The tattoos are waterproof and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol when desired. Otherwise, they’ll last three to five days. If colorful florals aren’t your thing, these tattoos also come in hummingbird designs, or black and white florals.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love these tattoos. I love to mix and match them. The tattoos last about a week if you avoid them with soap and scrubs in the shower. If you need them off quickly, exfoliating scrub worked perfectly with a wash cloth. All my friends thoughts these tattoos were real!”

4. These Blue Ink Temporary Tattoos That Last Up To 3 Weeks

These temporary tattoos from Aresvns are super long-lasting... up to three weeks, in fact, and Amazon reviewers confirm it. The reason? These temporary tattoos actually sink into the top layer of your skin in order to stay put. This pick comes with a sheet of different-sized temporary tattoos with a variety of designs, all of which feature dark blue ink to stand out on your skin. The tattoos are made from plant-based ingredients, and they’re fully waterproof.

To apply, put the tattoo in place, wet it fully, gently pat the skin, and slowly remove the paper — it’s as easy as that! You can’t really remove the tattoo when you’re ready to do so, but it will fade naturally over the course of about three weeks.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love these. I have ordered a few different patterns, and all have been perfect. Super easy to apply. Wet, slide off, tap gently, let dry. Everyones skin is different.. mine stay black for 3 weeks with care, but could be exfoliated off after two weeks if desired.”

5. A Set Of Temporary Tattoos With Inspirational Quotes

These temporary tattoos from Everjoy feature 20 different inspirational quotes — with phrases like “I was born to be brave,” “one of a kind,” and “breathe” — for an instant pick-me-up whenever you wear them. The black ink tattoos are small in size (each one is approximately 2 to 3 inches long), making them ideal for placement on your ankle, finger, arm, wrist, and more. The waterproof tattoos are easy to apply with a damp towel, and you can remove them with any oil-based liquid. On their own they’ll last anywhere from five to seven days.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “They're great! They look realistic, don't peel off, and they stayed on my skin through showers and such. Highly recommend!”

6. A Long-Lasting Temporary Tattoo That Darkens Over Time

Inkbox is well known for making temporary tattoos that look extraordinarily realistic, and this pick from the brand is no different. The set comes with everything needed to apply the temporary tattoo — it takes just a few minutes to do so. Initially, the ink will appear super light. But don’t let this worry you; over the next 24 hours, the ink will sink into the top layer of your skin and develop into a dark black color (or dark blue, depending on the design you go with). The temporary tattoo will last up to two weeks, and it will fade naturally as your skin regenerates.

This pick is waterproof and features a plant-based formula. Choose from a variety of designs like birds, flowers, and a skull.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love the fact that these are temporary but look very realistic. The ink (on me) begins a very deep blue/black. The application is very uniform and fades evenly over time as would an aged tattoo. [...] The tattoo choices are vast and there's a category to suit everyone. Best of all, there's no real commitment. You can switch it up depending on the occasion or even live with these a while if you're toying with the idea of having permanent one done. Love it!”

7. This Fan-Favorite Set Of Full-Sleeve Temporary Tattoos

Tons of Amazon reviewers commented that these temporary tattoos from Pinone look shockingly realistic, hence why they’re such a favorite on the site — some reviewers even mentioned that they’ve had strangers approach them asking which artist created the tattoo! The set of extra-large, full arm temporary tattoos includes 12 sheets with a range of designs. Some of the tattoos are all color, while others feature shades of black.

To apply the tattoos, use a damp paper towel. For removal, you’ll need to rub the tattoo with alcohol since they’re waterproof, or they’ll come off naturally on their own in three to seven days.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I absolutely love these tattoos. I have had strangers come up to me and ask me who does my tattooing. Very realistic. Waterproof. Long lasting. Just all around the best temporary tattoo on the market by far. Worth spending your money on.”

8. A Pack Of Temporary Tattoos That Glow Under A Black Light

These temporary tattoos from d’IRIS will surely bring the fun — when under a black light, the intricate designs will glow super brightly. The single sheet of temporary tattoos features snakes in various sizes, but there are plenty of other design options to choose from (like aliens, roses, or butterflies) should that not be your personal favorite. The nontoxic, waterproof temporary tattoos are easy to apply with just a damp towel, and they’ll last anywhere from three to seven days.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These were a HUGE HIT at my blacklight party! The colors really popped like crazy, and the designs are super fun! Plus, they were pretty easy to apply with just a damp cloth.”

9. A Pack Of Gold Temporary Tattoos

The metallic gold color of these temporary tattoos from Konsait will surely pop on your skin — they’re a great option for Halloween, parties, or just casual wear for a little added fun! The temporary tattoos are designed specifically for use on your face (though you can use them elsewhere, too), and the set comes with seven sheets in a range of designs like star and butterfly freckles, hearts, and moons. Waterproof and nontoxic, the temporary tattoos are easy to apply — just place the tattoo on your face, dampen it with water, and hold it for 20 seconds — and they can easily be taken off with makeup remover, baby oil, or rubbing alcohol if needed. The brand doesn’t specify how long the tattoos are supposed to last if you don’t remove them yourself (and most reviewers did choose to remove them after a day or night), but one reviewer reported that “they lasted several weeks.”

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “My daughter loves these. There is gold everywhere and a few other colours mixed throughout. They're about as long-lasting as any temporary tattoo. Lots of flexibility in application. My daughter cuts around some of them to create smaller tattoos that she can place in various places across her face.”

10. A Set Of Temporary Tattoos That Are Designed For The Back Of Your Hand

Designed to fit perfectly on the back of your hand, these waterproof temporary tattoos from Oottati boast a variety of gorgeous design options. This set comes with four sheets and each temporary tattoo is approximately 6 by 3.5 inches in size. Application is a breeze — you only need a bit of water to do so — and the tattoos can be removed with alcohol, baby oil, or olive oil. If you want to let the tattoo come off naturally, the manufacturer indicates that each one will last three to five days, though some Amazon reviewers indicate they lasted even longer than that.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Mine lasted two weeks! Easy to apply and remove. Colors didn’t fade.”

Also Great: A Bottle Of Temporary Tattoo Ink For A Custom Design

Have an idea for a permanent tattoo but want to test it out first? This bottle of ink from Inkbox is the perfect option, since it allows you to draw any tattoo design you please on your skin (in any location, too!) — and it will last for up to a few weeks. It should fade naturally, and there’s no way to remove it before it fades away on its own.

This pick comes with 1 ounce of plant-based ink in a bottle with a thin-tipped steel applicator for highly detailed designs. To make your custom creation, simply draw the tattoo on your skin and let it sit for one hour before washing it off. It will start out super light, but will grow darker within 24 to 36 hours. Note that the actual color of your tattoo may vary, since it’s based off of your skin’s natural chemistry — Amazon reviewers commented that the tattoo will likely be dark blue or black.

For a lower commitment, this temporary tattoo ink is also available in a 0.5-ounce bottle. It also comes in a set designed to help you feel calm when you’re anxious (it includes three self love-inspired tattoos in addition to a 0.5-ounce bottle of freehand ink, plus some nice notes) and in a “pro kit” that includes everything you need to create more detailed temporary tats — including the freehand ink, but also ink intended for shading, a few applicator tips, and some tools for pre-drawing your design before inking it.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This stuff is awesome! I have a lot of tattoos already, but wanted to see what having ink on my hands and fingers would look like. This stuff lasts about a week for me, and I like that it allows me to change up the designs I do. [...] I definitely recommend this to anyone considering a tattoo who wants to try out what it's like to ink.”